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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

CPTC Featured in Pierce County Councilmember's Interview

Clover Park Technical College's new Health Sciences Facility was recently mentioned during an interview by Doug Richardson, a Pierce County Councilmember. The interview was a part of the Comcast Newsmakers program.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Health/Wellness Fair Thank You

Jane Aldridge's students enjoying their Subway healthy lunch party.

A big thank you to all of the staff and faculty who made our sixth annual Health/Wellness and Transfer Fair on Oct. 15 a success this year. Congrats to the students who won giveaway prizes:

Cerril Turner
Winner of the Healthy Cooking Basket, which included healthy cooking magazines, new cooking utensils, an apron/dishtowel set and more to help him get into healthy cooking at home.

Christina Hixon
Winner of the De-Stress Basket, which included a meditation CD, bubble bath, dark chocolate, a scented candle and other items to help her melt her stress away.

Tiffany Mooney
Winner of the Yoga Basket, which included a yoga mat, yoga accessories, a multi-DVD beginner set of yoga videos and other yoga items to help her get her stretch on!

Jane Aldridge’s health class was the big winner of the Subway healthy lunch party. Thanks to Keith White, whose entry won, Jane’s class enjoyed trays of healthy subs, apple slices, bottled water, baked chips and granola bars. 

Sustainability in Action

The Sustainability Committee is facilitating the sharing of ideas and practices in your daily routine, classroom and curriculum that help promote environmental sustainability. Every piece adds up and impacts our carbon footprint. Here are some practices that have been shared so far:

“I personally like to ask Phil Terry for office supplies. Not only will this help sustainability, but the budget too.

“Use one-sided print papers as scratch papers. Totally turn off computer when leaving for the weekend or on breaks. Turn off lights when not in classroom/office.”

“Decreased paper use – online testing and online handouts. Equipment shutdown. Recycle paper and aluminum in class. Recycle metal in shop.”

“Create PDF files for electronic records. Double-side copies if copies are absolutely necessary. Recycle – everything possible. Shut down computer nightly and power bars at breaks. Reuse – I keep the envelope for my mileage reimbursement checks to reuse the next time.”  - Josie Meyer, Clinical Placement Coordinator

“We're on the cloud, man!”

“We reuse old flyers/handouts as scratch paper. Turn off electronics before long weekends. Offer to email education plans vs. printing. Email LoAs instead of printing. Use personal reusable drinking cups, not paper or plastic.”

“To save on paper supplies and printing costs, I prepare most quizzes and assignments online.” - Dana Guinn, Medical Laboratory Technician instructor.

Please continue to share your practices, particularly if you see something here that you began to do as a result. You can email Dan Smith, Chair, or Josie Meyer, Vice-Chair, with your ideas.

Seventh Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest

CPTC's Associated Student Government is holding its seventh annual pumpkin carving contest on Thursday, Oct. 31. Here are the details: 

Any program and student club/organization may enter one pumpkin.

Free pumpkins, while supplies last, are available from the Student Leadership and Service Center in Building 23. Those picking up a pumpkin must identify the program or club they will be competing for. Only one pumpkin per program or club. 

Judging will be on Thursday, Oct. 31, as a part of the ASG Blood Bash Event. The contest will be held in the Building  23 Atrium. Entries should be delivered before 11:25 a.m. and ready for judging to start at 11:30 a.m. Each pumpkin will have its own table, so groups may stage their entry or just leave it. We will have a panel of judges rank each pumpkin, and winners will be announced at 11:40 a.m.

Past Winners

  • 2007 Health Unit Coordinator Program
  • 2008 General Aviation Maintenance Technology Program
  • 2009 0494 English Class
  • 2010 Surgical Technology
  • 2011 Surgical Technology
  • 2012 Club CyberTechs

The only rules are that you need to carve the pumpkin. Painted pumpkins will be disqualified. 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Welcome to Our New International Students!

CPTC's 2013-14 international students with Greg Doyon, Dr. Lonnie L. Howard and Charles Mauer.
This quarter Clover Park Technical College welcomed its nine new international students from China, Germany, South Korea and Japan.
Five of the six new Chinese students — Da Wei, Haowei Hu, Zeou Fu, Yiting Liu and Shihua Li — came from Civil Aviation Flight University of China (CAFUC), one of CPTC’s overseas partner schools. The partnership between CPTC and CAFUC has entered its fifth year, and the students are enrolled in our Aviation Maintenance Technician Program at the South Hill Campus in Puyallup.
The sixth Chinese student, Ka Hei Ng, is enrolled in the ProfessionalPilot program after earning three associate degrees and one certificate in aviation from Green River Community College and a Bachelor of Science degree in Aeronautics from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.
Janika Koske is one of the 75 German students who were selected from thousands of applicants to participate in Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange (CBYX), the exchange scholarship program funded by the U.S. Congress and the German Parliament. Each year, 75 scholarship recipients from each country participate in the program. If you are interested in the opportunity to study in Germany for a year, please visit the CBYX website.
Arata Kobayashi from Japan came to CPTC to study Interior Design after spending a year at Humboldt State University in California, and Sohee Ahn from South Korea transferred from South Seattle Community College to study Practical Nursing at CPTC.
The new students met with our new president Dr. Lonnie Howard, vice president Dr. Joyce Loveday, faculty members Greg Doyon and Charles Mauer and the staff members during the International Student Welcome Luncheon.  
CPTC currently has twenty-seven international students from five different countries.
If you see them on campus, please give them a warm CPTC welcome!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Disability Awareness Month

Have you ever used the disability door opener because your arms were full, a ramp because you have a rolling backpack, or the disability stall in the bathroom to change so you wouldn’t have to put your knees up your nose to get your shoes back on? You know you have, and that’s great! 

Creating environments where everyone has the opportunity to experiences and benefit from what life has to offer is called Universal Design, and it is one of the driving forces behind a movement to support equity and opportunity for everyone, regardless of ability or disability. Creating equal access, however, is not just about buildings, sidewalks and bathrooms; it’s about being aware and flexible. It’s about being able to recognize that we face challenges and being flexible enough to accommodate the differences and challenges of others as we would hope they would do for us.  Yes, it takes a few extra moments but it’s worth it. Check this out:

October is disAbility Awareness Month. So the next time you don’t have to drop your books, lug your backpack up a flight of stairs or smack your head on the toilet paper dispenser, be aware.  Be aware that a disability does not have to be disabling, if we’re willing to be flexible.  A little change can make big differences, and everyone has the ability to make a little change. 

In honor of disAbility Awareness Month check out the following

For all members of the CPTC Community:
The Disability Resources for Students office invites you to join us as we support the Grave Concerns Association in their ongoing efforts to build awareness and respect for those with psychiatric disabilities. By replacing anonymous grave markers with proper headstones, Grave Concerns strives to recognize and dignify individuals marginalized because of their disability and bring closure to families who have lost love ones to mental illness.  http://www.wshgraveconcerns.org/images/documents/Grave-Concerns-Brochure-October-2009.pdf

Oct. 26, 2013

Ft. Steilacoom Park Cemetery
8714 87th Ave SW, Lakewood WA

9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

For faculty:
On Oct. 25 Michael Mesa from the Tacoma Area Coalition of Individuals with Disabilities will be here as part of the in-service discussion about veterans in the classroom.  Some of you may know Michael as the driving force behind the free tutoring program in the CPTC Veterans Resource Center as well as serving as a resource for students with disabilities on campus.  Recently graduated from UW Tacoma, Michael is an Army Veteran with a service-connected disability who has experienced first-hand the challenges that veterans face in the academic setting. We look forward to him joining the discussion.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Holiday House Kicks Off at CPTC

It’s time once again for Holiday House, an annual volunteer activity that distributes holiday assistance to eligible Clover Park Technical College students in the form of food and gifts (for students’ children, age 15 and under). During this wonderful time of year, we think students should be able to focus on their studies and not worry about telling their children that there will be no presents this year.

If you want to help — or if you're a student who'd like to apply for assistance — visit www.cptc.edu/holiday-house for details on how to get involved.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

CPTC Faculty and Staff gather for October meeting

Dr. Lonnie L. Howard, president, talks with Lisa Fortson, assistant Financial Aid director and Patricia Lange, I-Best specialist after the October All-Staff gathering.
Kathy Smith, Environmental Sciences faculty and Kathleen Mandt, talk with Dr. Howard before the October All-Staff gathering. 

Cindy Overton, e-Learning Specialist, poses with Dr. Lonnie L. Howard at the October All-Staff gathering.

Dr. Lonnie L. Howard, president, presents the October Unsung Hero award to Mike Potter, Aviation Maintenance faculty member.

Mike Potter describes the process to acquire and refurbish a cockpit shell for CPTC's Professional Pilot program. Potter worked with a company to donate the shell and then led his students through the refurbish process.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tacoma Mobile Vet Center to Visit CPTC's Campuses

The Tacoma Mobile Vet Center will be visiting our two campuses in the next two weeks, providing the following services for free for combat veterans:
  • Individual counseling
  • Group therapy
  • Marriage & family therapy
  • Couples counseling
  • Military sexual trauma counseling
  • PTSD counseling
  • Veterans services & benefits referrals
Lakewood Campus Details
The Mobile Vet Center will be in the parking lot of Building 22 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Oct. 23.

South Hill Campus Details
The Mobile Vet Center will be in the South Hill Campus parking lot from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Oct. 16.

For more information on this or other resources for veterans, contact Jonathan Wagner at 253-589-5966.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

8th Grade Students Converge at CPTC to Learn More About Math in the "Real World"

Dr. Lonnie L. Howard, president of Clover Park Technical College, speaks during the opening session of the math conference on Oct. 10. Dr. Howard highlighted the importance of math on the path to student success.
More than 1,200 eighth grade students from Pierce County school districts visited Clover Park Technical College Oct. 10 to participate in a conference designed to underline the importance of mathematics in the real world.

“We are dedicated to engaging students in a unique, fun and creative way,” said Janet Holm, coordinator for the conference.  “Students will spend the afternoon experiencing first-hand how math is literally everywhere and why it is so important to their education and their future success.”

The event featured 80 presenters from diverse career fields who presented on how math affects their work.

"If you want to become a nurse you will need math. If you are interested in building homes you will need math. If you are interested in computers or gaming you will need math to develop programs," said Dr. Lonnie L. Howard in his introductory address. "You have a grand opportunity now to make magic happen in your life."

Students rotated around campus, participating in three sessions during the four-hour conference where they learned how mathematical concepts are used successfully in careers like firefighting, military aviation, marketing and home building.

Using hands-on exercises, face-to-face interactions and small group activities, Clover Park staff and faculty along with community and business partners showcased math skills that are vital to a successful career.

High school career counselors were also on site to meet with students and talk about the transition from middle school to high school. Students had a chance to meet with traditional high school counselors and to explore non-traditional options such as the Lakewood Career Academy, Pierce County Skills Center, and Northwest Career and Technical High School.
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