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Monday, December 2, 2013

CPTC Students Build Giant Gingerbread House to Kick Off the Holiday Season

CPTC students recently worked together to create the ultimate symbol of the holidays – a 12-foot-tall gingerbread house. Students in the Sustainable Building Science program built the house’s framework, and Pastry Arts students created the rest, from the gingerbread siding to the sugary window panes.

The Rainier Room Gingerbread House as it nears completion
It took over 300 pounds of gingerbread and 200 pounds of royal icing for this gingerbread giant to come to life, an ambitious undertaking for CPTC students.

How many Pastry Arts students does it take to get royal icing out of the mixer? 
“Figuring out all the details involved in constructing the house has been a challenge,” said Jenn Blessing, a Pastry Arts student. “However, being able to work with other programs to make this project a reality in such a short time has been amazing.”

It takes a precise hand to cut the gingerbread siding for the house.
This is the first time that CPTC Pastry Arts students have created a confectionary masterpiece of this magnitude for the holidays, but it will not be the last.

“This type of project teaches students to not only become better artists, but also how to be better time managers,” said Shelley Newman, Pastry Arts instructor. “I definitely think that this is going to become an annual tradition within the program.”

You can't be afraid of heights while working on this rooftop.
The house’s grand unveiling will take place during the Foundation’s Candy Cane Lane Benefit Dinner on Dec. 6 at 5 p.m. in the Rainier Room. Seating is limited, so visit www.cptc.edu/candycane to purchase your tickets.  
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