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Monday, December 30, 2013

CPTC Staff Ensure Honduran Student Takes GED

It seemed like an impossible request. The daughter of a Honduran missionary was going to be in Wash. state for 12 days and during that time needed to somehow take and pass the GED test.

Despite the complexity of the request, when Honduran missionary Mike Pettengill called Clover Park Technical College, Administrative Assistant Catheline Rivera-Acevedo was more than willing to do everything in her power to help his daughter succeed.

“I had only recently started working in the department,” said Rivera-Acevedo, “but after hearing his story I felt compelled to do what I could to help him.”

With help from Jean Carmack, CPTC’s GED Testing Examiner, Catheline was able to provide Mr. Pettengill and his daughter with the information necessary to take the GED. Mr. Pettengill’s daughter did very well on her test and was able to receive her GED.

This is normally where a story like this would end, but Mr. Pettengill was so moved by the compassionate service he received from Catheline, that he wrote a letter detailing his experience and how much it meant to his family.

“My name is Mike and I am a missionary living and serving in Honduras. I am writing to express great pleasure with the assistance I received from your employee Catheline.

By way of background...my 17-year-old daughter has been schooled in Honduras for five years and is preparing to apply to colleges in the US. We had planned on a 12-day trip to WA to visit family and supporting churches. I wanted my daughter to take the GED while we were on this trip. I had no experience with the GED or what was needed to apply or take the exam. I started calling (from Honduras) WA testing centers. Before I reached Catheline I had called 10 other WA GED testing centers and had spoken to 20 various staffers. Most were unhelpful, unwilling to listen and frustrating. Living in Honduras makes us a little different than most people you deal with and the other people I talked to would simply explain that my daughter couldn't take the test or that they had no idea what to tell me.

Catheline took the time to hear our situation and she did not know what to do with us either. However, she was willing to provide us with good service and was willing to think outside the box. She made several phone calls on our behalf and came up with all the answers we needed.

As of right now my daughter is sitting in your testing center taking her final GED test. She took the orientation and all five tests in two days. All of this was thanks to the hard work and dedication of Catheline. She provided us service when others would not or could not.

Thank You,

Mike Pettengill
Missionary to Honduras

This story is a reminder that even the smallest acts can make a huge difference in the lives of others.

So we would like to say thank you to both Catheline and Jean for making such a heartwarming story possible and for upholding CPTC’s commitment to providing students the help they need to succeed.

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