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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

CPTC Instructor Returns to South Korea for Peace Corps Reunion

CPTC Communications Studies instructor Dr. Phil Venditti recently traveled to South Korea as a guest of the South Korean government. He and other Peace Corp volunteers were invited back to the country as a way to thank them for helping rebuild the country and to showcase how far South Korea has come since then.

From 1966 to 1981 South Korea had more than 2,000 volunteers serving in their country, and is to date the only country to have hosted this type of revisit. Over the past five years South Korea has held eight re-visits, and Dr. Venditti was able to attend the last trip.
Zenith Towers in the South Korean city of Busan
Dr. Venditti spent a week in Korea, where he and other volunteers were able to go back to the sites where they once worked to see the progress of the nation they helped build. Since this was the last trip sponsored by the government, volunteers had the honor of meeting the Speaker of the South Korean National Assembly, Kang Chang-hee.

Dr. Venditti also attended a dialogue with 12 former Korean ambassadors to the U.S. and U.S. ambassadors to Korea, who reflected on their experiences and discussed how the diplomatic relationship between the United States and Korea has evolved over time.

 “The whole experience was very rewarding,” said Dr. Venditti. “It was fascinating to see the changes that have occurred in Korea and humbling to know that as a member of the Peace Corps I had a hand in effecting some of that change.”

Dr. Venditti will be giving a presentation on his time spent in Asia, including his trip to Korea, and will discuss the differences in East Asian cultures and how they compare to Western society. Dr. Venditti’s presentation will take place on Dec. 11 at noon in the McGavick Conference Center.
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