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Thursday, October 10, 2013

8th Grade Students Converge at CPTC to Learn More About Math in the "Real World"

Dr. Lonnie L. Howard, president of Clover Park Technical College, speaks during the opening session of the math conference on Oct. 10. Dr. Howard highlighted the importance of math on the path to student success.
More than 1,200 eighth grade students from Pierce County school districts visited Clover Park Technical College Oct. 10 to participate in a conference designed to underline the importance of mathematics in the real world.

“We are dedicated to engaging students in a unique, fun and creative way,” said Janet Holm, coordinator for the conference.  “Students will spend the afternoon experiencing first-hand how math is literally everywhere and why it is so important to their education and their future success.”

The event featured 80 presenters from diverse career fields who presented on how math affects their work.

"If you want to become a nurse you will need math. If you are interested in building homes you will need math. If you are interested in computers or gaming you will need math to develop programs," said Dr. Lonnie L. Howard in his introductory address. "You have a grand opportunity now to make magic happen in your life."

Students rotated around campus, participating in three sessions during the four-hour conference where they learned how mathematical concepts are used successfully in careers like firefighting, military aviation, marketing and home building.

Using hands-on exercises, face-to-face interactions and small group activities, Clover Park staff and faculty along with community and business partners showcased math skills that are vital to a successful career.

High school career counselors were also on site to meet with students and talk about the transition from middle school to high school. Students had a chance to meet with traditional high school counselors and to explore non-traditional options such as the Lakewood Career Academy, Pierce County Skills Center, and Northwest Career and Technical High School.
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