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Friday, September 20, 2013

Faculty & Staff Celebrate Opening Day

President Dr. Lonnie Howard speaking to faculty and staff at Opening Day.
Before students arrive for fall quarter, Clover Park Technical College faculty and staff have an annual tradition called Opening Day, where they prepare for the school year ahead. This year's Opening Day was held on Sept. 20 and featured speeches from departing president Dr. John Walstrum and incoming president Dr. Lonnie Howard.

Faculty and staff also participated in a board game where they simulated student experiences at CPTC. If their student had a setback — like car trouble  —  they moved their tokens back several spaces. If their student had something positive happen  —  like an internship in their field  —  they moved their token forward several spaces. After the game, faculty and staff learned that the situations in the game were actual experiences from four CPTC students. These four students then spoke about their experiences at CPTC and how the College could help promote student access and success.

CPTC faculty and staff then finished the day with their annual barbecue, held by the faculty union.
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