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Monday, September 30, 2013

CPTC moves up in ctcLink implementation process

Clover Park Technical College will now expect to implement the new ctcLink system in Wave 2, which begins implementation in June of 2015 and completes implementation within a year. The college was originally slated for Wave 4, which was scheduled in 2017.
The original ctcLink schedule had four, 9-month implementation waves of up to 8 colleges per wave. After input from colleges, other higher education institutions that have implemented a new system, and a thorough review by the ctcLink project team, a new schedule has been developed that better aligns with the annual financial and academic cycles of our college system.
The new schedule has no financial impact on the project, it reduces risk, and it still has the project completed in late 2017.
  • The new schedule does not change the FirstLink colleges’ ctcLink go-live date, which remains as August 2014 for Tacoma and Spokane colleges.
  • It also doesn’t change Wave 1. The same 7 college districts are in Wave 1, and their go-live date is still May 2015.
  • The change is in waves 2 and 3—those have become 12-month waves each, going live in May 2016 and May 2017. 
  • Wave 4 has been eliminated. Instead, colleges from wave 4 have been moved into waves 2 and 3

The ctcLink project team is in the process of scheduling Wave Kickoff webinars for each group of wave colleges (and SBCTC). Wave 1 is already scheduled for October and waves 2 and 3 will be scheduled for Dec and February, respectively. These webinars are designed to assist college teams and SMEs gain a better understanding of the process, timing and commitment that will be required for ctcLink, along with providing tools and tips for success along the way.

To learn more about ctcLink visit ctclink.wordpress.com.
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