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Friday, June 21, 2013

CPTC Students Practice Public Speaking Skills

CPTC student Allison Clark speaking on June 18

Five Clover Park Technical College students practiced their public-speaking skills by giving speeches to faculty and peers in the McGavick Center on June 18.

Allison Clark spoke about the idea of creating something positive after a negative experience. Clark spoke about her son’s experience with drunk driving and his later suicide to encourage others to think about taking alternative positive actions when bad things happen. She also encouraged the audience to consider the individual background of each person they meet.

“It is easy to judge others,” Clark said. “Would it be so easy to judge them if we knew their story?”

Rachel O’ Leary gave an instructional speech and taught the audience how to weave cord for jewelry making. At the end of her speech, she gave finished pieces to people in the audience.

Larry Warren spoke about his part in building the Zero Energy House as a student in the sustainable building science program.

“I think everyone should have the right to own their own energy,” Warren said.

Steve Williams shared his experiences as a single father to a child with fetal alcohol syndrome. As a way to find answers and support, Williams started the organization Dads MOVE with a few of his friends. Williams worked to raise the age of consent for treatment related to a disability – it was age 13 and is now 16. Williams said he felt that kind of decision was too difficult for a young child with disabilities.

Nate Oelrich, ASG Vice President of Student activities, gave the introduction to the speech he wrote for CPTC’s graduation.

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