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Thursday, June 6, 2013

CPTC Hosts Medical Lab Technician Exchange Program

Students from Osaka Jikei College in Japan visited the Clover Park Technical College Lakewood campus from May 28-30 as part of the medical lab technician exchange program.

The exchange program began in 2005 when the international coordinator at Osaka Jikei College reached out to CPTC when looking for new partnerships.

“This is a great opportunity for our students as well,” said Yuko Chartraw, CPTC International Education Program Specialist.

In addition to touring the medical lab technician program, this year the exchange students also toured the histology program.

At first the students wondered if they were going to be able to communicate very well because of the language barrier, Chartraw said.

They learned, however, that “they can communicate with signs and gestures” when a translator is not there, Chartraw said.

When working with histology faculty and students, the exchange students enjoyed viewing the dissections of a cow’s bladder and a human placenta, among other demonstrations

Touching the sample of the brain was the highlight of the program for Osaka Jikei College student Miori Ikeda.

 “They don’t do as much of the hands-on part as we do,” Chartraw said.  

Faculty from the medical lab technician and histology programs significantly contributed to the exchange program, Chartraw said.

“I really appreciate their support to make this program successful,” Chartraw said.

Osaka Jikei College student Takumi Kawaguchi said he could recognize how serious CPTC was about academics.

“That encourages me to do the same back in Japan,” Kawaguchi said.

On the second day of the program the students visited St. Joseph Hospital, where they toured the medical lab and the diagnostic-image department. They also visited the UW Medicine Regional Burn Center at Harborview.

CPTC hosted a cultural exchange for Osaka Jikei College students as well as CPTC students. Students from the histology program and the international club attended.

“We try to include as many students as possible,” Chartraw said.

Daniel Dino-Slofer, a member of the international club and a CPTC photography student, said this year’s cultural exchange was livelier with more activities. This year’s theme was “Fiesta Time!”

“The piñata was very fun,” said Osaka Jikei College student Ayano Fukunaga.

CPTC awarded each exchange student with a certificate of completion at the end of the cultural exchange.

“My favorite part is watching the two cultures collide into one fun event,” Dino-Slofer said.

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