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Monday, May 20, 2013

Students Look Toward Careers at Histology Fair

CPTC student Emily Knutson presents on histology. Each stripe on the scarf is a stain she created from a slide of tissue.

Students in CPTC’s histology program took their first steps towards upcoming internship on May 20. Several histology students presented themselves and displays about histology to industry professionals from a variety of medical employers.

“This is eventually going to determine where we’re going for our summer internships,” said Emily Knutson, a student who’s completing CPTC’s histology program this quarter.

An internship is required for students completing the histology program. Industry professionals from several Seattle-area employers interviewed students about their skills and interest in the field.

“They have their resumes, cover letters, and references ready to go,” said instructor Bekki Haggerty.  

Student Kedeadra Goodman presented a display relating histology to astronomy. Goodman said she enjoys the challenges of learning histology, even after working in the medical field for many years.

“You can memorize the book forward and backward but without that hands-on experience you’re lost,” said Goodman. 
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