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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Presidential Search Update: Recruitment has started

Campus Community, 

The Board has greatly appreciated the very helpful input we have received from staff and community leaders about the opportunities and challenges facing the college and the ideal characteristics of the next President. Summarizing this input in a succinct Presidential Profile has been challenging, but our skilled and experienced consultants at the Association of Community College Trustees (ACCT) took the lead and helped compile a very solid final version. 

We are now starting our comprehensive search, seeking qualified candidates from all across the country. This can be accessed through the ACCT website at www.acctsearches.org. Also, Tawny Dotson and Rory Douglas, our Director of College Relations and Webmaster, have created an excellent college Presidential Search website. At the college site you can view the Presidential Profile, the current timeline, the list of advisory committee members, and other college and community information, just like a candidate.

The ACCT consultant team will also be promoting the recruiting effort at national meetings and programs and through personal contacts. Advertisement will be placed in the Chronicle for Higher Education and other major publications.
If you have any questions or suggestions for ACCT, please feel free to contact our ACCT Search Consultants: Laura Saunders, Ph.D., at laurasaunders@earthlink.net or 206-853-7797 (cell), Laurie Savona, Ed.D., at lsavona@acct.org or 202-595-4300 (cell), or Narcisa Polonio, Ed.D., at narcisa_polonio@acct.org or 202-276-1983(cell). 

Or if you have any questions or suggestions for Jim or me, as usual I invite you to send them through him.

Bruce Lachney
Chair, Board of Trustees
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