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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Please Join Us for the Final Presentation of CPTC's 2013-2018 Strategic Plan

Campus Community,
Please join us to provide input, hear the presentation, and the final result of our four month Strategic Planning effort,Wednesday May 8, at the South Hill Campus Board of Trustee meeting. Also to be presented by Dr. Joyce Loveday will be recommended changes to the accreditation core themes to more closely align them with the new strategic goals. Below are the vision, mission, values, goals and objectives recommended by the committee. The Goals and Objectives were revised after community feedback.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this process.
Debbie and Claire 

Transforming lives, enriching communities and enhancing futures by creating an environment of innovation, equity, and excellence through education.

We are a values-driven institution that delivers quality education, training and support focused on student success in an evolving economy.

Student Success
Lifelong Learning
Social Responsibility

Values Definitions
We recognize that the unique needs, goals and circumstances of the individual have a direct impact on a person’s ability to access and benefit from college activities and opportunities.
We seek opportunities to consistently exceed our best individual and institutional performance.
We consider respect to be the inherent dignity we give all people.
We celebrate the many individuals that make up our community and embrace the opportunity to learn from both their differences and similarities.

We pursue the development and application of new ideas that lead to creative solutions.

Student Success:
We support our students to reach or exceed their personal goals or other desirable outcomes.

Lifelong Learning:
We promote ongoing pursuit of knowledge for both personal and professional reasons.

Social Responsibility:
We commit to decisions and actions that are socially aware and make us a strong community partner.

Strategic Goals and Objectives

Promote student success
i. Provide an environment that supports student retention, persistence and completion
ii. Invest in personal and professional growth for all employees
iii. Celebrate staff and student achievement, success and creativity

Champion equity
i. Create an understanding of equitable principles
ii. Identify and implement opportunities for increasing equity
iii. Identify and address achievement gaps

Build an educated community
i. Ensure student learning outcomes are aligned with current professional standards
ii. Respond to labor market needs and close workforce gaps
iii. Expand lifelong learning and professional credentialing opportunities
iv. Strengthen educational transitions between K-12 and higher education

Enhance institutional capacity
i. Create and improve systems to support a culture of inquiry and evidence-based decision making
ii. Review and revise systems and processes for effectiveness
iii. Judiciously manage the acquisition, use and maintenance of goods and materials
iv. Integrate technology across the college

Promote innovation
i. Upgrade the college’s innovation support structures
ii. Create a culture where all ideas can be shared and validated
iii. Develop entrepreneurial attitudes, behaviors and skills that can be applied across the college
iv. Develop collaborative and innovative partnerships with internal and external stakeholders.

Create and maintain a sustainable college community
i. Cultivate relationships and explore options to find and utilize alternative funding sources
ii. Maintain and update existing infrastructure
iii. Implement sustainable practices
iv. Document our institutional knowledge

Foster community engagement and social responsibility
i. Build and maintain community partnerships
ii. Promote and strengthen internship and service opportunities
iii. Identify and develop opportunities for community education and outreach
iv. Promote a welcoming and safe environment

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