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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

SPSC Update: Values Set!

The SPSC has reached consensus on key values for our strategic plan. Together, with the Vision and Mission, here is where we are to date: 
VISION: Transforming lives, enriching communities, and enhancing futures by creating an environment of innovation, equity, and excellence through education.

MISSION: We are a values-driven institution that delivers quality education, training and support focused on student success in an evolving economy.


1. Equity

2. Respect

3. Diversity

4. Innovation

5. Excellence

6. Student Success

7. Lifelong Learning

8. Social Responsibility

With respect to clarifying or contextual sentences, the conclusion was to revisit them after the goals and objectives are complete to see if any clarification was still needed. Each subcommittee presented further suggestions and refinements to the goals and objectives April 8. The committee will continue their work next week with the goal of having a draft ready for college feedback after the meeting on the 15.

Debbie and Claire

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