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Friday, April 12, 2013

Advisory Committees Collaborate at CPTC

Each year, Clover Park Technical College gathers the members of its advisory boards to thank them for their voluntary service and commitment to helping the College establish programs that mirror industry practices and respond to industry needs.

"Our business and industry partners provide an invaluable service to the College through their volunteer commitment to our programs, faculty, staff and students," said Lori Banaszak, vice president of instruction. "Without their involvement we would not be able to offer the industry-relevant training that we provide, or equip our programs with the technology found in all industry sectors."

This year's event, held on April 10 at the McGavick Center, featured an in-depth update on the College's programming and upcoming changes by Dr. John Walstrum, CPTC president. More than 200 faculty and committee members were in attendance at the event, which lasted nearly two hours.

In addition to showing the College's gratitude to the advisory board members, the event allows business and industry volunteers to discuss regional workforce and economic issues.

Advisory committees at CPTC are required to meet twice a year. Many of the members of the advisory boards started their careers at CPTC and volunteer to continue their involvement with the College by serving on their program's advisory board.
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