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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

SPSC Weekly Update: Value Statements, Website

The SPSC met on March 4 to continue discussion of our values statements. Those will be presented for College input after our March 11 meeting.

The committee also discussed how to communicate to the College community with respect to the SPSC process. We will utilize weekly emails and a website presence to post updates, meeting minutes and agendas. In addition, we will provide regular cabinet reports and an update at future all staff meetings. The committee has established a website at www.cptc.edu/spsc. That site will continue to be updated as we work through the strategic plan. We are currently working to install an opportunity to provide feedback through the website.

Our next meeting is March 11. At this meeting the committee will review all inputs to the proposed mission and vision statements. We ask that any members of the campus community who wish to provide input do so by Thursday, March 7 at 5 p.m. We hope to review and make final changes. Draft values will be completed at this meeting and the plan to offer college community an opportunity to comment will be finalized.

We look forward to your continued input to the planning process.

Debbie Ranniger and Claire Korschinowski
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