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Friday, March 15, 2013

Last Day to Apply for Scholarship: March 21

A $2,000 scholarship opportunity is being offered for two students in the HVAC, Electronics, Construction, Automotive, Welding, Aviation Maintenance program and Sustainable Building Science. Application criteria is listed below and applications are due March 21.In addition to the scholarships, students will also receive a customized tool kit when they successfully graduate from the program.

As a military friendly school, we would like to encourage our Veterans in these qualifying programs to apply as there are additional funds specifically set aside for Veteran applicants, but any student who fits the below criteria and is enrolled in a qualifying degree programs can apply.

Hard copy applications can be picked up from Glenda in our Veteran’s Office in Bldg. 17 Room 270 or from Patrick in our Veteran’s Resource Center in Bldg. 22, Room 121. 

Completed applications are due by March 21 so apply early to avoid end of the quarter panic.

The Minimum requirements are;
· Must be a US citizen or legal resident
· Student must be enrolled full-time with 12 credits or more.
· Student must be entering their final year or graduating in 2014.
· Student must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher
· Student must be enrolled in one of the following programs; HVAC, Electronics, Construction, Automotive, Welding, Aviation Maintenance and Sustainable Building.

*Please Note* Students do not have to be a Veteran to apply but Veterans are strongly encouraged to apply as there are additional funds earmarked especially for Veterans.

Application Criteria;
·  Completed Application Form
·  Letter of recommendation from Instructor, Advisor or Military Supervisor
·  List of clubs, activities, accomplishments, leadership  roles held & how long
·  Essay of 200-300 words
·  Copy of transcript showing GPA in application as proof of grades

Completed Applications must be turned in by March 21 to the Advising and Counseling Office in Bldg. 17. South Hill Campus students can drop off their applications with Marsha Tolson at the SHC front counter.
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