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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Strategic Plan Update

In an effort to both engage the College community and to ensure we are all aware of our ongoing strategic planning process, this is the first of weekly updates Claire and I will provide on the progress of our strategic planning process.

Since the kick-off Jan. 14, a strategic planning steering committee (SPSC) has been formed and is actively working on a new vision, mission, values, strategic goals and objectives based upon input received from the workshop, select campus and community interviews, existing data and input from the consultants.

Our end-goal is to have a five-year strategic plan to present to the Board of Trustees in May.

The SPSC was established to represent the campus community as a whole. The members are representatives from each of our campus divisions and a student representative is included in the group. The hope is that every member of our campus will feel comfortable asking questions and providing feedback through their division’s representative. However, you may also submit constructive comments or concerns to the SPSC Co-Chairs via their email addresses provided below.

Here are the SPSC Representatives:

Co-Chairs: Debbie Ranniger (debbie.ranniger@cptc.edu)
Claire Korschinowski (Claire.korschinowski@cptc.edu)

Erina McGann - Secretary
Lori Banaszak
Linda Schoonmaker
Andy Bird
Mabel Edmonds
Teresa Greene
Michael Taylor
Loren Davis
Jonathan Wagner
Wendy Joseph
Taylor McGovern
Denise Klug
Joyce Loveday
Roger Nix
Tracy Rose Pennisi
Chris Ridler
Stephen Rousseau
Teresa Scotland
Kathryn Smith
Tony Endresen
Travis Cohen-Lucy

In the last two weeks the SPSC made great progress in refining a mission and vision. To that end, the SPSC has reached preliminary consensus on draft vision and mission statements:

Enhancing lives, building futures: leading through excellence to empower individuals for success in the community and global economy.

CPTC delivers quality education, career training and support for success in an evolving global economy.

All members of the SPSC have been tasked with engaging their colleagues to hear more about how the College stakeholders perceive our initial drafts. They will return to our next meeting with constructive inputs from the College community.

In addition to SPSC members gathering comments, we’d like to offer the opportunity to share feedback through this survey link: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/RB7DN67.  The short survey is designed for you to submit anonymous comments directly relating to the mission and vision statement. Please consider providing your feedback through one of the available methods. Your input is needed to ensure we develop a comprehensive plan that will steer the future of the College.

Finally, we want you to know that members of the College community are welcome to attend the steering committee meetings. Our next meeting is March 4, at 2:30 p.m. in Bldg. 19, Rm. 124.

We’d like to thank the SPSC for their continued work on this very important project. We look forward to hearing the College’s feedback and developing the final product.

Debbie Ranniger and Claire Korschinowski
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