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Monday, February 11, 2013

Clover Park Technical College Granted Membership Into CyberWatch

Clover Park Technical College’s Computer Networking and Information System Security Program has been granted membership into the CyberWatch West Consortium. CyberWatch West is dedicated to increasing the number of cyber security professionals among California, Washington and Oregon residents. The overarching goal of CyberWatch West is to strengthen the cyber security workforce. To accomplish this goal, CyberWatch West is concentrating on student activities; assistance in curriculum development based on recognized standards and creation of cyber security pathways from community colleges to four-year institutions; a faculty development and mentor program to help infuse cyber security concepts into coursework; and outreach and partnership with regional community colleges, universities, high schools, and industry to determine and assist with regional needs in cyber security education. CyberWatch West is supported by a National Science Foundation Advanced Technological Education Grant.
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