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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Presidential Update: Search Process for Dr. Walstrum's Successor

College Community:

The Board of Trustees is very sorry to be losing President Walstrum later this year, upon his announced retirement. He has been a wonderful and dedicated leader for the college. However, finding a worthy successor is now our # 1 priority job as trustees, so we need to be responding by promptly developing and implementing a quality search process.

As chair, I definitely will be recommending that the college contract with an experienced outside consultant to assist the Board in the search, and that a search committee which represents college stakeholders be formed to make appropriate recommendations to the Board.

At its meeting on Feb. 6 the Board will be considering the search process to follow. Anyone who wants to offer thoughts or suggestions to the Board regarding this process may do so either at that meeting or by email beforehand (submitted c/o Jim Tuttle in HR, the Board’s contact person for this purpose).

We plan to continue to keep you informed about the process.

Bruce Lachney
Chair, Board of Trustees
Clover Park Technical College
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