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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Learning Resource Center Opening

LAKEWOOD, Wash. – Clover Park Technical College used the proceeds from their land sale to Clover Park School District to renovate and redesign their nearly 40-year-old library into a learning resource center designed to meet the needs of today’s learner. The renovation will be unveiled Jan. 9 during an open house event at 2 p.m. at the Lakewood Campus of CPTC.
“The College used the existing building and reinvested funds to create a space that will serve more students, provide more resources, and use technology to assist our students with achieving success,” said Amy Goings, vice president for operations and college relations at CPTC.
The 22,917 square-foot Building 15 has been serving as CPTC’s library. It was built in 1978 as the campus library and cafeteria and has never been fully renovated. After the renovation, it will now be known as the Learning Resource Center, which houses a large technology commons, group and individual study rooms, eLearning staff offices, tutoring offices, instructional lab and will still serve as the college’s library. The building’s renovation did not increase the footprint of the building, but rather made efficient use of the entire space.
“The library has gone from a caterpillar to a butterfly in seven months,” said Elaine Holster, librarian at CPTC. “The space is now clean, modern, functional and student-friendly. The students gained study space, comfort and a one-stop location for instructional services for tutoring and e-Learning.”
The renovation began in May, took 7 months to complete, and cost $2.4 million.
The funds for the project included a $700,000 minor works project allocation from state capital funds and the proceeds from the sale of property to CPSD. That property is now being developed as the site of Harrison Preparatory School and an associated elementary school that will replace Oakwood and South Gate Elementary Schools in Lakewood. When complete that property will share facilities and resources with CPTC.
“This renovation is really about transformation and the commitment we are making to our students to go beyond providing high-quality classes. It’s about helping our students to achieve success in every aspect of their education,” said Dr. John Walstrum, president at CPTC.
The open house is open to the public. Tours and light refreshments will be served.
About Clover Park Technical College:
Clover Park Technical College offers more than 45 career training degree and certificate programs in the areas of business, computer information and technology, health sciences, manufacturing, construction and trades, multimedia design, and personal care services.  The College also offers certification, online and distance learning, as well as continuing education courses.
For more information call 253-589-5800, or visit www.cptc.edu/careers, www.cptc.edu/aerospace.
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