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Monday, January 28, 2013

Campus Tobacco Use Policy Clarification

Campus Community,
Recently our College adopted a new Smoking and Tobacco Use Policy (CPTC Policies and Procedures Ch. 3, Section 26: Smoking and Tobacco Use). This policy establishes the College as a restricted-smoking campus. This means that smoking or the use of any tobacco products is permitted only in designated smoking shelter locations.
While this policy has been distributed there have been a number of questions that have come up since its adoption. I wanted to send along some notes to ensure that the right information is available.
First, a map detailing the locations of the ten Lakewood Campus shelters is now posted on our College website at: http://www.cptc.edu/index.php/info_resources/campus_locations/. These locations were selected in order to comply with State and local laws, provide an appropriate number of shelters for the campus community, place the shelters in locations that do not require non-smokers to walk near or around them, and to attempt to find a location that provides access to smokers of buildings located near each other. While there was not a perfect answer in some situations, we have made the best possible decision for the placement of each shelter keeping in mind the many factors I've mentioned. A student and staff committee and the College Cabinet discussed these locations at length and made the decision that their current placement is in the best interest of the many competing factors.
According to the policy, failure to use a smoking shelter when required to do so is a violation and is subject to employee or student discipline. I recognize that some time will need to be spent adjusting to the new requirements. In addition, we are working to add signage to the campus with instructions on the restrictions.
Finally, Associated Student Government, Cabinet, and the Policies and Procedures Committee have worked hard for years on this policy to provide choices to our many campus stakeholders while still ensuring we provide a safe, healthy environment for all of our students and staff. I believe that this policy is a great step toward that goal and hope that we can all work together to make CPTC a healthier place.
Amy Goings, MPA
Vice President for Operations/College Relations
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