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Monday, April 30, 2012

Safety Tip of the Week

This is a good time to remind everyone about lockdown procedures.  Spring is often the time of year for incidents to occur that result in lockdowns.

Upon receiving notification that a lockdown has been ordered:

  • Flee the campus if you are certain that you can do so safely.  If you are responsible for students or others, you should attend to your responsibilities before fleeing unless the threat to your safety is imminent.
  • Lockdown if you do not flee.
  • Close and lock exterior doors to the building.
  • Get to a safe room if you can, or lockdown in the closest room.
  • Close and lock the door, and barricade the door if possible.
  • Block all windows and any other way to see into your room as best you can.  If the suspect does not have the ability to find out quickly whether anyone is in a particular room, the suspect will most likely keep moving to find more easily available targets.
  • Have all occupants of the room hide behind barricades such as overturned desks or tables, or along the same wall that the exterior door is in.  The idea is to not be visible if the suspect looks into the room.
  • Stay in the room and be quiet (not necessarily completely silent, but whisper level noises) and await further instructions.
  • Keep lights on or off – do not change back and forth.
  • Limit movement in the room to the least amount possible.
  • In an extended lockdown it may be necessary to take rest room breaks.  Try to contact Security to determine whether it is safe to move to the rest room in your building.  Never go out of the room alone.  Instruct someone to notify Security if you are not back within a reasonable time (for example five minutes).
  • Do not let anyone into your building or room once the lockdown has commenced.  The college is preparing to print some signage to go on the exterior doors to notify people that a lockdown is in progress.  This should minimize confusion and notify anyone not in a building that they need to flee or hide as best they can in an outside area.
  • The college will send out updates to let you know when the lockdown can be relaxed to a condition in which you can move about within the building, but still keep the exterior doors closed and windows covered.  Updates may also contain fresh information with the instruction that the full lockdown is still going on.   
  • The All Clear announcement will go out via the WENS.  Security may also enter your building to repeat the All Clear and will announce their presence as they enter.  Other employees (maintenance or custodial workers for example) may be assisting Security and may also enter with keys and announce their presence.
  • If you leave when the All Clear is given, notify the building captain or someone else in authority that you are leaving.
  • Everyone involved with the lockdown should make some notes so that they can contribute to the after action report.

Your first option is to flee, if you are certain that it is safe to do so.  Your next option is to hide and lockdown.  The final option, if the suspect discovers your hiding location, may be to take the offensive and attack the suspect.  If it comes to this, do not hesitate or hold anything back.  When you are fighting for your life there are no rules.  Do whatever you need to do, as forcefully as you can do it.  Nothing less than your full force and application to this effort will help you survive.     


Career Conference to draw nearly 3,000 teens, Thursday, May 10

70 Years of “Students in Action” at 11th Annual Career Conference
Nearly 3,000 teenagers to attend career workshops, eco-fair, and financial aid workshops

LAKEWOOD, WA – Clover Park Technical College is opening its doors a little wider on Thursday, May 10, making way for almost 3,000 teenagers - celebrating 70 years of “students in action.”

High school teens are coming from King, Pierce and Thurston Counties and the Cities of Wenatchee, Bremerton, Rochester, Winlock, Shelton, Yakima, Morton, Carbonato, and Elma.

Thursday, May 10 marks the 11th annual Career Conference, put on to help teens think about post high school plans. “The event is designed to help students get the process started,” said Janet Holm, career conference organizer and outreach coordinator.

“Many middle and high school-aged students need to weigh their options now in order to see themselves in a specific career later,” said Holm.

This event accomplishes that.

From 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. students will experience a variety of activities including:

        Aerospace Fair
        Eco Fair
        Work First Open House
        Interactive Program Demonstrations
        Financial Aid Workshops
        Running Start Workshops
        Car Care Workshops
        Scholarship and Funding Workshops
        Test Anxiety Workshops
        20th Annual Car Show
        And MUCH MORE!

The event is open to the public.

Titled, “70 Years of Students in Action,” Clover Park will hand out career conference work books with planning worksheets. After the students fill out the worksheets, they are instructed to go to www.cptc.edu/pathway to complete the career pathway project. Many schools are requiring this to be turned in as an assignment, further stressing that planning for post-secondary education is critical.

“This is a community event that encourages people to experience what it’s like to learn at a technical college,” said Dr. John Walstrum, president of Clover Park. “It is a demonstration of the wide range of programs offered in allied health, technology, skilled trades, and business fields.”

Visit www.cptc.edu/outreach to download the career conference workbook.


About Clover Park Technical College:
Clover Park Technical College offers more than 50 career training degree and certificate programs in the areas of aerospace, business, computer information technology, construction and trades, health sciences, manufacturing, media, and personal care services.  The College also offers certification, online and distance learning, as well as continuing education courses. 
For more information call 253-589-5800, or visit www.cptc.edu/careers

Friday, April 27, 2012

Join CPTC’s Associated Student Government APPLY NOW!!!

Join CPTC’s Associated Student Government  APPLY NOW!!!

ASG is now accepting applications for the 2012-2013 school year. Pick up your Student Leadership Application Packet at the Student Programs Office located in building 23, room 207.All applications are due no later than May 04th at 3:00PM. 

For more information about application, positions, or questions in general, please contact:

Elizabeth Barfoot
Associated Student Government Secretary
Building 23, Room 209
Phone: (253) 589-6050

Community College Awareness Month

April is national Community College Awareness Month and we invite you to celebrate by learning more about Washington’s 34 community and technical colleges.  Our nationally-acclaimed colleges serve roughly 470,000 people each year -- creating brighter futures, better jobs, and a stronger economy.  Take a look at the attached document and discover the top ten things you should know about our community and technical colleges.  For a brief history of our colleges, visit http://www.sbctc.ctc.edu/general/a_history.aspx.  You’ll find much to celebrate, and perhaps learn a few intriguing facts along the way.

Math & English Tutoring Services

Please help us remind CPTC students that there’s help available to them here on our campus.

Medical Technology Student Association Health Fair

·         Free Glucose, cholesterol and blood Pressure checks

·         Date: Wednesday May 30th

·         Time: 10 am – 2:00 pm

·         Venue: Atrium, Sharon McGavick Student Center

·         Chance to win $50 gift cards (two)

·         Lunch served to the first 50 participants

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Studio 125: The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Welcome to Studio 125 in Building 10 room 125 where Early Care and Education instructor Carol Holland-O’Hern has created a wonderful world of The Very Hungry Caterpillar for her students. They have been learning how to make activities for children to promote literacy.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Club Movement Presents Open Mic

Thursday April 26th Club Movement presents Open Mic  11am-12 Building 23

Monday, April 23, 2012

College Knowledge Workshop Series - Bringing them to you within your classroom

Just a reminder: if you haven’t already completed our College Knowledge Survey, PLEASE take a moment to do so. Its only 4 questions and we really need your feedback!

We will be collecting responses until the end of the week, Friday, 4/27/12.


Friday, April 20, 2012

Collaborative Blood Drive

Blood Drive provides opportunity for students to demonstrate collaboration and good citizenship.

Over one third of the Lakewood Career Academy students participated in a blood drive sponsored by Cascade Regional Blood Services on April 12, 2012. The event was planned and coordinated by the Lakewood Career Academy JAG (Jobs for America’s Graduates) student leadership class. Patricia Hernandez, Donor Resources Consult, praised Jose Martinez for his assistance inside the bus. She said that no other high school student had shown such professional behavior.

Students from the Northwest Career and Technical High School’s Health class also provided student volunteers to assist with checking in donors during the last two hours of the blood drive.
Four students from the CPTC Nursing Assistants program were able to participate in a job shadow, and about 15 nursing students donated blood. Patricia said they would be great candidates for employment when they graduate and encouraged them to apply.

We witnessed how our partnership and cooperative work with CPTC, NWCTHS can benefit the student’s at all three schools and the community.

Haiku Workshops on April 30 and May 7 Sponsored by the International Club

April is National Poetry Week. The CPTC International Club will present two workshops on writing English-language haiku at the Game Room in Building 23:

April 30 @ 11:30 – 12:30 Vashon Poet, Ann Spiers will be the Workshop Leader

May 7   @ 2:00-3:00.

June 4   @ 10:30 – 3:00  Present your Haiku or Short Poems at the CosPlay Café in Building 23 Atrium with Stage and Mic. Raffle Contest Included.

International Club Officers: Nathaniel Ballinger, Josh Jones, Kyle Joyner. Cai Li, Yijie Kong, and Chris Miller

Club Advisor, Carmen Sterba

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

“A Shot of Reality” –Alcohol Awareness

APRIL 19th 5-7pm Rotunda

An educational comedy show altering between hilarious improvisations in which the audience participates and educational sketches which drive home facts and statistics. The show will make you laugh, think and inform behavior towards school

Sponsored by Campus Activities Board

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