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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Now Recruiting for I-BEST

Now recruiting for I-BEST Nursing Assistant-Certified

Program start: March 28th, 2012

I-BEST (Integrated Basic Education & Skills Training) are certificate programs that combine Adult Basic Education and technical skills training using a team- teaching approach. Programs are 2-3 quarters in length, leading to high demand employment or transferring of credits to pathway certificate/degree programs.

Remember, I-BEST may be a great fit if any of these conditions apply…
  • The student is working on or has not attained a GED or High School diploma.
  • The student has never been in a college environment.
  • The student never felt like high school was the “right fit” for them.
  • The student is ESL level 6 or higher.
  • The student has a high school diploma or GED but feels they need a classroom with additional supports in place.
  • The student appreciates a team teaching approach that motivates them to do their best and opens doors to additional educational opportunities!
If you have interested students, please have them call I-BEST Program Specialist, Pat Lange at 253-589-5524 or make an appointment in building 37.

General I-BEST Information

I-BEST NAC Information

“Walk for Me?” Birth Defect and Prematurity Awareness Event

Event:  “Walk for Me?” Birth Defect and Prematurity Awareness Event
When: January 31th, Tuesday
Where: Bldg 23 Rm 302
Time: 3:00pm – 5:00pm
Info: Regional Educator Monica Scrudder from Franciscan Health System will have a presentation about general information, education, and also a question and answer about Birth Defect and Prematurity.

New Achieving the Dream video - see it now

Check out our new Achieving the Dream video http://www.youtube.com/cloverparktech 

Monday, January 30, 2012

Clover Park Technical College Foundation receives gift from the Muckleshoot Tribe

$5,000 grant will continue to build our Emergency Assistance Endowment 

Lakewood, WA – The Muckleshoot Tribe has awarded a $5,000 gift to Clover Park Technical College Foundation. The money will be used to continue to build our Emergency Assistance Endowment.

“We are grateful for the Muckleshoot Tribe’s donation,” said Dr. Debbie Ranniger, Executive Director. “The money will be used to fund our emergency assistance endowment – a fund that helps students stay in school by offering critical and timely assistance.”

The Muckleshoot Indian Tribe has long understood the importance of being proactive in meeting the needs of its community. The Muckleshoot Charity Fund has placed high priority in awarding grants to organizations throughout the region that address the unique local and regional issues facing the population.
Most Muckleshoot Charity Fund awards range from $1,500 to $5,000, allowing many agencies to benefit from the funds available. Applications for larger awards are on an invitation only basis. Profits from the Muckleshoot Casino are the sole source of funding for the Muckleshoot Charity Fund grants.
About the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe:
The Muckleshoot Indian Tribe is comprised of the descendants of the area's original Coast Salish peoples. The Tribe has lived in this area for thousands of years, possibly since the last glaciers receded. The Tribe's ancestral homeland, now known as the Muckleshoot Usual & Accustomed Area (or U & A), consists of a vast area stretching along the eastern and southern reaches of Puget Sound and the western slope of the Cascade Range.

About Clover Park Technical College Foundation:
The Clover Park Technical College Foundation was founded in 1992. The Foundation is a public, non-profit corporation. Clover Park Technical College and its Foundation have assisted thousands of individuals to successfully obtain their educational and career goals. Clover Park Technical College offers more than 50 career training degree and certificate programs in the areas of business, computer information and technology, health sciences, manufacturing, construction and trades, multimedia design, and personal care services.  The college also offers certification, online and distance learning, as well as continuing education courses. www.cptc.edu/foundation  

CPTC Gives Back in Honor of MLK

Thank You! to the 12 wonderful students and community members who volunteered a combined 96 hours on Saturday with Tacoma/Pierce County Habitat for Humanity at their Ainsworth Vista project site in south Tacoma. Habitat for Humanity partners with needy families to build and own decent, safe, and affordable housing. Our volunteers spent the day painting a house and clearing plots alongside several families receiving Habitat for Humanity homes. Although it was cold, the volunteers remained enthusiastic and committed, making it a very successful day indeed! You guys rock!

The next Service-Learning event occurs on Saturday, February 11th from 1:00-3:00 at Northwest Harvest in Kent. Northwest Harvest is the only non-profit food bank distributor in the state of Washington, with a network of over 325 food banks and meal programs. We will be helping to sort and package food that will be going to food banks to feed hungry people in the Seattle Metro area. We will be providing limited transportation to this event, so be sure to sign up soon!

For more information about how you can get involved in Service-Learning or to sign up for this event, contact Service-Learning Specialist Lucy Pick in Building 10, Room 102 in the STEP Center or by email at lucy.pick@cptc.edu

College Knowledge Presents: Test Anxiety Workshop

Test Anxiety Workshop

with Mary Pedersen
Thursday, February 2, 2:00pm-3:00pm
Location: Student Center, Room 212

Do you study effectively for tests but feel excessively stressed during the test? Does your stress level lead to ‘freezing up’, ‘going blank’, or feeling physically or emotionally unwell? This workshop will address steps for de-stressing before and during a test.

Friday, January 27, 2012

$5,000 grant aids ABE/ESL students

Clover Park Technical College has received a $5,000 grant from the College Access Challenge Grant Program from the US Department of Education. The goal is to increase retention and student success.

The grant will focus on retention and transition efforts within the ABE/GED math classes during winter and spring quarters and will provide supplemental math instruction for Adult Basic Education/English as a Second Language (ABE/ESL) students. Student Peer Mentors will provide the instruction.

The peer mentors, who have already successfully completed the coursework, will attend math classes alongside their assigned students. The mentors will organize and lead weekly study sessions focused on the material covered in class.

Mentors will also meet periodically with faculty to provide feedback about the concepts in which students are struggling.

This supplemental instruction model is intended to focus on teaching students how to study, i.e. how to take notes, and how to collaborate with other students. The instruction model is designed to be a proactive intervention.

Study sessions are open to all students.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

“It’s Time to Talk About It” - HPV and Cervical Cancer Event

Event:  “It’s Time to Talk About It”,  HPV and Cervical Cancer Event
When: January 30th, Monday
Where: Bldg 23 Rm 302
Time: 3:00pm – 5:00pm
Info: Speaker Lori Stone from National Cervical Cancer Coalition & HPV Cancer Coalition, Pacific North West Chapter will have a presentation about general information, education, and also a question and answer about HPV and Cervical Cancer.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Two former CPTC public speaking students; CPTC's Vice President for Instruction, Lori Banaszak; and Tom Caswell, Project Manager for the Open Course Library at the Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges, are seen below with Dr. Phil Venditti. Olga Kholodyuk (Medical Assisting) and Tanya Shkarina (Pharmacy Technician) were the only students at the outset of a three-day Kick-Off for Phase 2 of the Open Course Library at the Meydenbauer Center in Bellevue. The two women shared their thoughts with a crowd of about 100 faculty, administrators, instructional designers, and other two-year college officials regarding their experiences with CMST&220.

Safety Tip of the Week

This week’s tip is about communication. 
The most crucial element of communication is reporting suspicious circumstances.  As near as I can tell we only receive reports on about half of the thefts on campus.  The reporting rate is even lower for other suspicious activity based on the number of times I have heard people say that something has been going on for a period of time, and yet nobody in security had been notified.  For example, I was just notified yesterday about something that has been going on for at least two or three months.  I was able to handle the situation and resolve it within minutes of being notified, but in the meantime a student was emotionally shaken up by what she had seen and reported to an instructor.  The instructor then witnessed the same suspicious behavior the next day and waited weeks to report it.  Please report any and all suspicious activity when you become aware of it.  You cannot usually know the full extent of the problem when you first see it.  You should assume that what you have seen is usually just a portion of what has been going on.  Our whole safety and security process is dormant unless suspicious circumstances get reported. 
Other aspects of communication include keeping the campus community informed when suspicious activity has the potential to impact the community as a whole or a significant part of it.  I promise to do my best to accomplish such notice.  The college administrators have been very supportive of the effort to disseminate information regarding safety and security issues.  Finally, communication involves your ability to ask questions.  If you contact me with safety and security related questions, I will be happy to answer them.  I will answer immediately when I can, and as quickly as possible when the answer is not on the tip of my tongue.
Let the conversations begin!     
Michael R. Miller

College Knowledge Winter 2012

The Scholarships and Funding Sources workshop had to be rescheduled for March 15 due to the snow days.

Service Learning Opportunities

Our Peer Mentors currently have 2 service learning projects booked for this quarter!
Habitat for Humanity on Saturday, January 28th 8am-4:30pm
A day of service in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  CPTC students will be building homes for families in need, working with Habitat for Humanity’s mission of providing housing for low income families.
There is a one hour orientation required for this event, which will be here on campus this Wednesday, January 25th, from 3-4pm in the student center. (Room 302)
Specific projects and duties will be discussed at this orientation. Maps and directions will be given out at this time as well. Students can also make carpooling arrangements at this time.
Students are encouraged to bring family and friends to participate in this event, volunteers must be over the age of 16 and are also required to attend the orientation.
We will be working at the Tillicum project site this coming Saturday, and will have various duties. All skill sets are helpful for this event. Please bring a lunch.
Northwest Harvest on Saturday, February 11th 1-3pm
Northwest Harvest provides nutritious food for hungry families throughout Washington state in a manner that respects their dignity. Northwest Harvest is the only non-profit food distributor in Washington and has a network of 325 food banks. They provide 1.6 million meals per month to hungry families in our state.
We will be working in the food distribution warehouse in Kent from 1-3pm. We will be packaging food to be distributed to food banks throughout the state.
There will be transportation provided, so signing up in advance is strongly recommended!
If you would like to sign up or have any questions please email or call our Service Learning Specialist, Lucy Pick, at (253) 589-5790.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Scholarship Deadline Extended

The Spring Quarter 2012 Scholarship deadline has been extended to 4 p.m., 1 February.

There are 38 scholarships available for spring, totaling $21,850.

For more information, including available scholarships, eligibilty and scoring criteria, and instructions, go to www.cptc.edu/scholarship.

New year's Operations Update

January 23, 2011
Submitted by Amy Goings, MPA, Vice President for Operations and College Relations

Thank you for your patience last week as we tried to keep the safety of our staff, students, and visitors foremost in our minds as a wallop of a winter storm impacted our community.  Please let me know if you had any difficulties with the CPTC Alert system as we are always trying to improve our emergency communications.  Thank you.

Health Sciences Facility Update: The big news of the week is that the State has issued a notice to proceed for our Health Sciences Facility, and Jody Miller Construction will serve as our general contractor.  You will see construction activity shortly, and Mike Anderson and I will have regular updates once the project is fully up and running.

You will also be hearing from Indra Jain as he is our new Health Sciences Facility project manager (his position is funded by state capital funds set aside for project management). Indra has worked with the College before on the Building 14 emergency repairs and has a wealth of construction management experience. I look forward to introducing Indra to you at our next All Staff Meeting.

70th Anniversary Update: You may have noticed some eye-catching displays around campus highlighting our 70th Anniversary.  These displays were collaborated between our 70th Anniversary Task Force and two very talented interior designers, Kim Ewing (senior student) and Bree Ellison (alumna).  Together, Kim and Bree put together some wonderful historical displays in Buildings 16, 19, and 23.  Please enjoy them as they will be up the entire year.

We will soon be inviting you to share your favorite CPTC memories – stay tuned.


Invista Performance Solution Headquarters: As you may recall, Invista is the contract training collaboration/partnership we now have with TCC, Pierce, and Bates. Invista is now housed on our campus in Building 19 in the newly renovated office spaces (Rooms 205 and 207).  

Culinary Arts Program Expansion:  Minor renovations are being made to the former Floral classroom inside Building 23 and Buildings 31 and 37 to prepare for the spring launch of delicious offerings made by the Pastry Arts students.  Again, Pastry Arts is a new certificate program within the Culinary Arts program.

New Pastry Arts program location.

You can find the complete listing of the Operations Updates and specific listings by visiting www.cptc.edu/blog and searching for “Operations.”  As always, if you have questions please contact me directly at amy.goings@cptc.edu.  Thank you.

70th Anniversary Displays

College Knowledge Presents: Does Your Cover Letter Sink or Rise to the Top of the Pile?

Does Your Cover Letter Sink or Rise to the Top of the Pile?
by WorkSource representative Sue Sharer
Tuesday, January 24, 1:00pm-2:00pm
Location: Student Center, Room 212

Your job interview begins with your first contact with an employer: your cover letter or email. Learn to write a standout cover letter in this workshop.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

All campuses are now open

Starting Monday, all campuses are operating on a normal schedule. Have a great week.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Habitat for Humanity

In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King day of service the CPTC Peer Mentors are working with Habitat for Humanity on Saturday, January 28th in Tillicum. Volunteer sign in is from 8-8:30 am on site at 15407 Grant Ave SW in Tillicum.

There is a one hour orientation required to volunteer at this event. The orientation will be held on Wednesday, January 25th in the student center; building 23 room 302 from 3-4pm.

Students are welcome to bring family members over the age of 16 to volunteer with us, they must also attend the orientation session.

For more information contact Kailene Sparrs at ASG.PeerMentor4@cptc.edu, or visit the STEP Center (building 10 room 101) on Tuesday, January 24th during the Open House from 2-4pm. There is a lot happening this quarter, see how you can get involved!

Friday, January 13, 2012

MLK Event

Please try to attend this free event on Monday at the Dome.  If you can’t come watch on TV Tacoma if you have Comcast Cable—I think Channel 12. Hope to see you there! Feel free to forward to others in your circle of influence.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

College Knowledge Workshop: I Received My Financial Aid Check - What's Next?

I Received My Financial Aid Check - What’s Next?


by Sharon Freeman and EOC representative Jessica Moore
Tuesday, January 17, 12:00pm-1:00pm
Location: Building 15, Room 101

Join us as we talk about how to wisely use your Financial Aid funds. In this workshop you will learn how to read your financial aid award letter and explore ways to plan ahead to budget for school related and personal expenses to successfully complete your college program stress-free.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Spring Quarter 2012 Scholarship Applications Now Being Accepted through 4 p.m. 25 January 2012

Spring Quarter 2012 Scholarship Application
Open Now through 4 p.m., 25 January 2011

38 Scholarships = $21,850

Go to www.cptc.edu/scholarship for

§  Available Scholarship List
§  Eligibility and Scoring Criteria
§  Instructions
§  Workshop Dates

2012 Scholarship Recommendation Form

Instructors may:

§  Fill out online
§  Print
§  Sign
§  Return to student (who will scan and upload to application).

Student Instructions—Instructors, please familiarize yourself with the following.

One (1) Recommendation Form is to be filled out, printed, signed, scanned*, and uploaded to your online scholarship application at http://stars.cptc.edu/STARS. *Scanners are available in the Clover Park Technical College library for your use.

Only typed recommendation forms will be accepted.

Only one (1) recommendation form will be accepted. No additional pages or letters will be accepted. Applicants submitting more than one form or additional information will not be considered for a scholarship.

It is the scholarship applicant’s responsibility to upload the recommendation form by the deadline.

Recommendations will not be accepted directly from instructors (or others making a recommendation) in either hard copy or electronic forms.

It is highly recommended that you ask your instructor or other individual (see below) for a recommendation early in the scholarship application cycle, giving them time to make a thoughtful recommendation and leaving you time to address any technical difficulties you may have or help you may need.

Late materials will not be accepted.
All materials must be received online by 4 p.m. on the last day of the scholarship cycle.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Heather K. Ervin

CEU Class Offereings

Attention all:   Several 8 hour CEU classes will be offered this quarter

Class # 68FF    Basic Fire Alarm Systems    8hrs CEU    Sat  Jan 21, 2012
Class# 6823    National Electrical Code        8hrs CEU    Feb 4, 2012
Class # 6863    Wash RCW-WAC Code        8hrs CEU    Feb 25, 2012
Class # 68EE   Basic Series & Parallel          8hrs CEU   March 3, 2012

These Courses provides the required 8 hours of Continuing Education instruction on the latest National Electrical Code update and related industry education.
Call (253) 589-5666 to register,   or   register online at www.cptc.edu

Cost:   $122.00   each 8hr Class;   Visa, MasterCard, Check, Cash
Location:  Clover Park Technical College   Building 16 Room 202
                  4500 Steilacoom Blvd SW
                  Lakewood, WA 98499

Winter 2012 College Knowledge Flyer

Friday, January 6, 2012

Pierce County Colleges join to serve business through Invista Performance Solutions

Business Launch scheduled for Wednesday, January 18

Businesses or organizations that need training and education for their workers have a new resource in Pierce County. Invista Performance Solutions is the first collaboration among Pierce County colleges to serve the business community through a single point of contact.

Invista is responsible for centralized coordination of corporate education programs and services that advance businesses by increasing the skills of their workers. This partnership of colleges includes Bates Technical College, Clover Park Technical College, Pierce College District, and Tacoma Community College
The new entity streamlines the way businesses, non-profit organizations and government organizations access training and development services for their employees, according to Lisa Edwards, Global Solutions Officer for Invista.

“We’ve been talking about doing this for a long time,” she said. “Now businesses and organizations that need to develop their employees can make one call no matter where they’re located or what they need.”
Invista is based on a model used successfully by TCC’s Corporate Education Department. In the last year, TCC Corporate Education completed $1.7 million in training contracts with businesses in the region. Countywide, the colleges collectively delivered more than $2 million in training.

Invista is a member of Global Corporate College, a national network of leading colleges dedicated to serving businesses across their global footprint.  “Invista offices are now headquartered on the campus of Clover Park Technical College, and the team will create and deliver training whenever and wherever it is needed,”  Edwards said.

Invista will host a business launch on Jan. 18, 2012, at 11:30 a.m. at the Clover Park Technical College Conference Center, 4500 Steilacoom Blvd. SW, Lakewood. The event will include a networking lunch and keynote from Fortune 500 consultant and author Braden Kelley, who wrote Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire. The event will focus on increasing innovation and how to prepare your business to be more innovative.

For more information, contact Invista Performance Solutions at 253.583.8861or www.invistaperforms.org 

Financial Aid Workshop, "College Goal Sunday" a Success

On Wednesday, Clover Park Technical College's Lisa Fortson, Financial Aid Assistant Director, and Wendy Joseph, Financial Aid Director, attended, "College Goal Sunday," at Mount Tahoma High School in the Tacoma School District.

At the event, they helped high school seniors and their parents complete the 2012-13 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

The two hour event was very well attended and it gave Lisa and Wendy a chance to speak to prospective students about the programs at Clover Park Technical College.

Every year, various educational institutions around Washington State hold the, "College Goal Sunday" event on their campuses.  It brings students, parents, the College Success Foundation, NELA Center for Student Success, and financial aid professionals from higher education institutions together to assist in the completion of the FAFSA for the upcoming academic year.

The FAFSA application is controlled by the Office of Federal Student Aid, an office of the U.S. Department of Education. The Federal Office ensures that all eligible individuals can benefit from federally funded financial assistance for education beyond high school.

For more inforamtion about, "College Goal Sunday Washington" event times and locations, visit http://www.collegegoalsundaywa.org/

Lisa Fortson, right, helps a student at Mount Tahoma HS on Wed.
Wendy Joseph, background, looks on as a student fills out her FAFSA application.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

STEP Mentors - You're a Leader!

You're a Leader!
And we want to recognize you!

This is how we do it -
  1. Got to www.cptc.edu/step
  2. Apply to be a Volunteer Peer Mentor!
  3. *Attend a ONE hour training
  4. Log the hours you spend building meaningful relationships with your fellow CPTC students.
  5. Be rewarded in AMAZING ways!
You can easily make a difference by taking a little time for others!

*One hour mentor training available Wednesdays, 12pm beginning January 18th
Bldg 10, Room 100
Call 253-589-5728

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Attention Students! Win a $100 gift certificate to the bookstore today

Clover Park Technical College is now an Achieving the Dream college.

We need your help by filling out a brief survey. http://www.cptc.edu/survey/firstday

It can be done using any computer, tablet, or smart phone. For those with limited access to computers, the Library has offered the use of its two computer labs any time today before 7:00 p.m.

Students who choose to participate will be entered into a random drawing for a chance to win a $100 gift certificate to the College bookstore.

Thank you for your help.

Message from the President - important student success survey

Good morning and happy New Year,

Every January, New Year’s resolutions tend to make an appearance, and this year, CPTC’s is both important and worthwhile in serving students better and improving the College.

With the help of our Achieving the Dream (ATD) coaches and funding, we are resolving to become a data-driven institution. I believe the change will be transformational. Our desire is for more students to complete their education and realize their goals while allowing us to see ways in which we can improve in helping them do so.

To that end, the Achieving the Dream task force, led by Dr. Debbie Ranniger, has put together the first Achieving the Dream “Student Success” survey. Our goal is to have at least 300 students take this survey as soon as possible. It will take five minutes to complete.

Faculty, I would ask that you please encourage your students to take the survey this week. It can be done using any computer, tablet, or smart phone. For those with limited access to computers, the Library has offered the use of its two computer labs. You are encouraged to bring your entire class to the Library today, at any time before 7:00 p.m.

Students who choose to participate will be entered into a random drawing for a chance to win a $100 gift certificate to the College bookstore.

This is an important first step for Clover Park Technical College’s ATD initiative. The survey can be found on our homepage. Here is a quick URL to the survey: http://www.cptc.edu/survey/firstday

Thank you for your help.



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