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Monday, December 17, 2012

Winter Weather Reminders

**In anticipation of the weather this week, we are reposting this information. Please be safe and exercise caution if the weather gets worse.**

It’s hard to believe, but winter weather is just around the corner. Some of the best defenses to hazards are a well-prepared plan and preventive action. At CPTC we use a variety of communication methods in emergencies and now is a great time to review those methods, including our primary tool, WENS (Wireless Emergency Notification System).

If you have not already done so, please take a few minutes to sign-up for WENS so that when the weather rolls in you will be notified of any campus issues or changes.

WENS is only used at Clover Park Technical College for emergency announcements. We will not share your information or inundate you with texts, emails or voicemails. It’s a system designed to provide you with instant notification to any emergency issue on campus.

Sign-up now by visiting: www.cptc.edu/prepare. If you have previously signed up you can update your contact information at that site by removing old phone numbers (Report Mobile Error Number) and submitting a new one. Staff and faculty who are having issues can work with Kendra Fitch who expertly manages our WENS system to resolve issues.

As a reminder, the college communicates inclement weather announcements through WENS, a website notification (www.cptc.edu), our social media site posts, and through the local media (radio and TV broadcast only). In addition, you can call into the weather reporting line which is (253) 589-5707. Please ensure you prepare for the coming months by familiarizing yourself with these communication tools.

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