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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

CPTC will transition to Canvas online learning system

Angel will no longer be an option for online courses at the start of summer 2013 and all Clover Park Technical College classes taught web enhanced, online hybrid, or totally online will then be taught using Canvas. Approximately 31 classes taught by 12 instructors are on Canvas so far this fall. Feedback to the eLearning department has been positive from instructors and students. This quarter we have trained or are in the process of training an additional 28 to 30 faculty who will move all their courses onto Canvas for winter. We have a long way to go and Winter quarter is fast approaching so consider signing up early.

For Winter quarter 2013, we have five cohorts scheduled:
1. January 14, through February 6, 2013
2. January 28, through February 19, 2013
3. February 4, through February 25, 2013
4. February 19, through March 12, 2013
5. March 4, through March 25, 2013 Link to training: http://bit.ly/TQuv51

The will be an f2f hybrid cohort and an online cohort for each date range listed above.
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