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Monday, October 29, 2012

CPTC hosts Wellness and Transfer Fair

Hello everyone,
We hosted CPTC’s Fifth Annual Wellness and Transfer Fair on Oct. 16.  We had an amazing turn out of health care vendors and higher education institutions offering services and information to our students. 
We estimate that approximately 350 students flowed through for this event.  There were even Faculty and Staff that came over to access services and show their support. 
Thank you to Jennifer Justice and Claire Korschinowski for scheduling this event, Michelle Barre for paying attention to all of the details, Vicky Buford for being emcee extraordinaire, Facilities, as always, were available to flex and flow as needed, Janet Holm for coordinating the schools for the transfer fair portion, Aris Holcomb and Patrick Yelladay for our IT support, Mary Pedersen and Sheli Sledge for their great workshops and  sincere thanks to Nursing Faculty Member Lara Cooper for coordinating wellness stations that were run by our very own Nursing students.  They did an outstanding job setting up multiple health screening stations and providing services for participants. 
Faculty members, thank you for releasing your students to participate and for participating in this great event!
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