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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Introducing our new mascot...Simon!

After more than two years of work, a committee of students and staff revealed the new mascot of Clover Park Technical College Sept. 21. The robot, named Simon, will now be a part of the official representation of the college.

“Establishing the mascot was a tough job, but it was done with exceptional creativity, class and diligence,” said Dr. John Walstrum, president of Clover Park Technical College. “The committee took care to ensure that the chosen symbol represented our mission and values. I look forward to Simon becoming an icon for the college and its students. I hope that all CPTC staff, faculty, students and alumni will begin to see him as an ambassador.”

The process to establish the mascot was started at the urging of CPTC students who were interested in building morale, starting a tradition, and finding a way to continue to support the college.

“Our new mascot was a project initiated by the students in the hopes of providing us all with a way to continue to support our college,” said Kailene Sparrs, president of the Associated Student Government. “We started the project on behalf of the students after a vote approving the initiative and have worked carefully since then to ensure the mascot was something all students could be proud to have. Our next step is to develop him as a symbol of CPTC. He is an emblem of the transformation so many students at CPTC experience and will serve to unify us.”

The development of the Simon character began with the creation of a steering committee. The group, led by the Associated Student Government, worked for two years and will continue to partner with the school’s staff to promote the mascot.

"It was a pleasure playing a role in the future of our college. On behalf of the Mascot Selection Committee, we’d like to thank Dr. John Walstrum and the college administration for the trust, confidence, and support we received as we went about this historic process of selecting a new mascot. The committee was dedicated and professional in their efforts on behalf of the students at CPTC. Their hard work has resulted in a new mascot that will provide staff, faculty, students and alumni with a symbol of pride, a tradition, and visual representation of CPTC’s values,” said Claire Korschinowski, the mascot steering committee chair and associate director for student programs.

To learn more about Simon, visit www.cptc.edu/simon.

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