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Monday, July 16, 2012

Important Information for Students

Student Withdrawal Reminder
Students who must permanently leave a class are reminded to officially withdraw through the Student Records Office.  Withdrawals may be made by:
1.     Completing the Official Add/Withdrawal form in the Student Records Office
2.     Telephoning Student Records at 253.589.5666
3.     Faxing to Student Records at 253.589.5852
4.     Submitting online to Student Records at www.cptc.edu/register during the first five days of the quarter or online at www.cptc.edu/drop after the fifth day of the quarter
Failure to officially withdraw from a class may result in:
a.    a failing grade
b.    loss of a possible refund
c.    overpayment of funding resources
An “official withdrawal” is notification to Student Records by the student on the day of withdrawal.  Notification from faculty or other sources is considered “unofficial”. 
Important Dates to Remember If Your Program Started on July 2, 2012:
          July 1, 2012                                          Last day to withdraw with 100% refund.
            July 9, 2012                                           Last day to withdraw with 80% refund.
            July 23, 2012                                         Last day to withdraw with 40% refund.
            August 17, 2012                                    Last day to withdraw with a “W” grade.
Summer Application for Graduation Award Deadline:         July 30, 2012
Students who expect to graduate during the summer quarter (July 2nd through August 31st) must complete Step 1 of the Application for Graduation Award and pay the $20.00 Application Fee by July 20, 2012.  Application forms are available on the Student Records counter in Building 17. 
Summer students who completed their application in order to participate in the June 16th All College Graduation Ceremony do not need to reapply.    
Worker Retraining Assistance
Are you receiving unemployment benefits from Washington State? Have you exhausted those benefits in the past 2 years? Do you anticipate a job layoff?  Are you an unemployed veteran who has been honorably discharged within the last 24 months?  Are you a displaced homemaker, a vulnerable worker or were you self-employed but lost your business due to general economic conditions?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, please go directly to the Advising/Counseling office for further assistance and possible financial aid grant eligibility.
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