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Monday, June 25, 2012

Disability tip of the week

There has been a lot of press about autism in recent years, but much of this press is filled with misinformation about autism and people with autism. The article linked here answers questions about what autism is and isn’t.  http://autistichoya.blogspot.com/p/introduction-to-autism-faqs-of-autism.html
·         Here is this blog’s definition of Autism:

Autism is a neurological, pervasive developmental condition. It is a disability. It is usually considered a disorder. It is not a disease. It is a lifelong condition that spans from infancy to adulthood. Autistic people usually share a variety of characteristics, including significant differences in information processing, sensory processing, communication abilities or styles, social skills, and learning styles.
·         And check out question number 10, which specifically addresses how to accommodate a student with autism in the classroom (this tip can be good for all your students and students with other disabilities as well!):
Allow for sensory breaks if necessary. Allow a student to walk around a room during a test or to stim during potentially stressful situations. Give visual aids, both for schedules and for assignments and class material. Establish and keep a strict routine. Give specific, explicit instructions for assignments both in-class and outside of class. Create measures to prevent and address bullying. Implement a strategy for meaningful inclusion and integration of the student with the mainstream.
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