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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Veteran's Resource group pig roast on May 24th

Staff from Student Services sponsored what is now our annual Pig Roast lunch at the Veterans Resource Center.  There was an excellent turnout of student veterans who were very appreciative of the college's efforts to acknowledge and assist our veteran students.  CPTC has become known for having one of the best and most active Veterans Resource Center in the community and technical college system.  The lunch was funded by the Associated Student Government and work performed by the Veterans Resource Group made up of Marisa Hackett, Disability Specialist; Sean Cooke, Student Programs; Annemarie Solbrack, counselor; Glenda Epps, Veterans Clerk; Shema Hanebutte, Coordinator of Student Success; Tiffaney Trapero-Foscue the Veterans Navigator; and June Stacey-Clemons.

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