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Friday, May 25, 2012

Library Update

As you’ve probably heard, significant portions of Building 15 (the library) are scheduled to be renovated during the summer and fall quarters.  We’re excited about the plans that are underway, and we want to provide you with an update about how that will impact the services currently offered in Building 15:
Spring Quarter Finals week
·         During the current quarter, the last day that Library services will be available to students is Monday, June 11 (for checking out books, space in the library for quiet study, and study rooms) During the last 3 days of the quarter (June 12-14), the library portion of building 15 will be closed as the stacks of books and other library materials are moved to the old cafeteria. Limited reference support for students will be available during the week through the computer lab.
·         During finals week, the following areas in Building 15 WILL STILL BE OPEN for service to students:
o   Tutoring – will be offered in what is now the General Computer Lab behind the circulation desk.  Students should enter through the east side of the building to access this service.
o   Computer Lab – The computer lab in the old board room will be available to students throughout finals week. Students should enter through the door on the west side of the building (exterior door near the parking lot) that leads directly to the room.
o   Math Lab – will be open throughout finals week. Entrance to the Math Lab will be through the east side of the building.
·         Writing Lab – will not be available after Monday, June 11.
Summer Quarter
During summer quarter, the services currently offered in Building 15 will be available at the following locations:
·         Library – The old cafeteria in building 15
·         Tutoring – Building 17, Room 240
·         Computer Lab – Building 23, Room 111
·         Math Lab – Building 14, Room 102
·         Writing Lab – Building 10, Room 118
·         TLC – co-located with eLearning in Building 16
·         Annex (Library room 104) – Building 11, Room 112
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