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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

First Ever Advisory Committee Gathering

On May 8th Clover Park Technical College hosted its inaugural gathering of the 40-some program advisory committees serving our college. Here is an excerpt from Jeff Rounce Publisher & CEO of the Business Examiner.

"Our parents were the Greatest Generation, thank you Tom Brokaw. Writer Kurt Anderson calls us Baby Boomers the "Grasshopper Generation" because we've been eating like hungry locusts through the prosperity that was handed to us after World War 2.

Now, we and our kids - together - need to be "The REgeneration" that REnews, REfreshes, RE-energizes and REbuilds America for the 21st Century.

That sounds much like the work of this institution, doesn't it?"

"Our College - and I use that pronoun intentionally, because like many of you, I feel a sense of connection to Clover Park built through my associations with it. Our college is in a unique position as it serves a wide range of learners... from the teenager, who might be attending the on-campus technical high school, to more senior women and men, and those seeking new careers or career advancement."

"The Time, Talent, and Expertise that you - Advisory Committee members - provide to the 40-plus programs here at Clover Park are an investment. An investments in our future workers and in the economic growth of our region."

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