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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Greetings from Sister College in Japan, Osaka Jikei

From left, Mr. Hashimoto, Dr. Walstrum, Hostess
For about seven years, Clover Park Technical College has had a close relationship with Osaka Jikei colleges in Japan. A group of hand-picked Osaka Jikei students comes to CPTC twice yearly to take part in our Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) Program. The experience provides them with a more global perspective and includes technical presentations, comparing notes between the Japanese and U.S. MLT programs, visits to clinical labs, as well as the accompanying cultural experiences.
Dr. Walstrum with Japanese President (Host) and Chinese College Representatives
            This spring, President Walstrum traveled to Japan at the invitation (and financial gifting of the trip) by the Osaka Jikei Colleges to speak at their two graduation ceremonies. The President delivered congratulatory and celebratory remarks to graduating classes. Also, at a faculty forum, President Walstrum spoke about post secondary education in the U.S. and his support for the continuing educational partnership between our colleges.
Commencement address
            Exactly one year ago, CPTC was invited to participate in the ceremonies, but had to cancel the trip, due to the devastation of the earthquake and tsunami the country suffered. This year, the remarkable recovery of the country was evident everywhere, a tribute to the Japanese spirit of community and perseverance. 
            There’s a congenial sense of familiarity each spring and fall, seeing Osaka Jikei students involved in our MLT Program, and at the end of their stay, cheering for Ichiro at Safeco Field. The same could be said for administrators and students at our sister college when they are greeted by the President of Clover Park Technical College in the role of ambassador. This year, the beautiful Japanese plum tree blossoms represent growth and rejuvenation, as well as a strong international friendship.

Written by Dianne Bunnell, edited by Shawn Jennison, Clover Park Technical College.

Dr. Walstrum with former CPTC student graduates

Dr. Walstrum with another group of MLT graduates who have visited Clover Park

Dr. Walstrum attending a post-graduation party

Dr. Walstrum, attending a faculty forum

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