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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Safety Tip of the Week

We have had three reports of hit and run collisions on our campus this week.  All were relatively minor damage (cars were still drivable and safe) and nobody was injured, but this presents a good opportunity to update you about collision investigations. 
Early reporting is critical.  If you wait to report the damage the person or agency you report to will not be able to confirm that the collision occurred where and when you say it did.  In that case, unless you have a witness or surveillance video there is nothing law enforcement can do to charge the suspect.  If you witness a hit and run collision, however minor, do your best to document the license plate number and description of the car.  If you can also see and describe the driver that is great.  If you are responsible (as owner or borrower) of a vehicle that is struck in a hit and run collision, try to get the license plate number, vehicle description, and driver description.  Whether you are a witness or a victim it is imperative to report quickly
CPTC Security will be happy to take a report for you, but you should know that it may do you no good.  Some insurance companies will not accept a Security Report as documentation of a collision.  They will insist on a law enforcement report because Security Officers have not undergone the accident investigation training that police have.  The insurance companies simply are not willing to risk their funds on an investigation conducted by an untrained person.  If you call Security for a report we will respond as quickly as we can, and we will also call 911 and request a response.  You would be smart to call 911 first and then call Security, especially if the collision resulted in bodily injuries.  Keep in mind that a non-injury hit and run collision on private property will not be a high priority to law enforcement and it may take them some time to get here. 
Lastly, while we have a good number of video cameras around the campus, we do not have coverage everywhere.  When you call Security to a hit and run collision we will try to provide video documentation, but we cannot promise anything.  
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