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Friday, February 3, 2012

Safety Tip of the Week

With the construction of building 21 and the de-construction of building 18 both about to commence we are experiencing significant and long-term changes in our traffic pattern.  That makes this a good time for a safety tip about traffic.

Let’s start with the speed limit.  There is a 10 mph limit on campus.  There are pedestrians everywhere and it is a good idea to keep the speed down.  Security personnel can also ticket you for speeding when they observe you exceeding the limit.  It is only a $15 ticket, but I am sure you would prefer to spend the money on a nice gift for your special someone on Valentine’s Day or other occasion.

In several places on campus there are stop signs.  Each one is there for a reason, and yes, you can be ticketed for failure to stop.  I have heard that there have been several close calls in which collisions nearly occurred at the Hageness Entrance to campus (next to the Lakes Body Shop off of Steilacoom Blvd on the north side of the campus).  Drivers entering or exiting the campus have the right of way and the drivers on the crossroads (Redwood Drive and Front Street) need to obey the stop signs.

Parking is at a premium on many days.  It works better for everyone if all drivers park in the proper parking stalls.  When staff members park in student stalls, or vice versa, the stalls can be in short supply quickly.  Please leave the marked visitor stalls and handicapped stalls to those people so that we can have an inviting and friendly campus atmosphere.

Pay attention to signs and pavement markings, especially the ones that have arrows indicating one-way traffic.  Several of our parking lots have directional arrows and it is much safer to obey them than to fight them.

In addition to what has already been mentioned I would simply everywhere to be courteous and patient.  Collisions always cause problems that we haven’t the time or the desire to deal with and can cause serious injuries, so pay attention to driving first whenever you are behind the wheel.  Stay off of your cell phone and don’t allow the radio or your passenger to distract you.
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