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Monday, November 29, 2010

Photos: early snow

Memorial Dedication - Lakewood Fallen Officers

Today we remember our fallen officers, gone but not forgotten.

Just a few reminders about today's 10 a.m. memorial dedication to four fallen officers at the Lakewood Police Department headquarters.

Lakewood Drive will be reduced to one lane in each direction from 7 to 9 a.m. between the Clover Park Bus headquarters and the YMCA. The road will be completely closed from 9 a.m. to noon.

The public is invited to the event and encouraged to park behind the Target at Lakewood Towne Center, 5618 Lakewood Towne Center Blvd. and get a free ride on a Pierce Transit Bus to the police station. The bus service will be running every 15 minutes from the Towne Center to the station beginning at 8 a.m. and ending at noon. There will be no public parking at the police station or in the Industrial Park.

Pierce Transit's Route 202 will be detoured during the event. Find more information here.

Source: The News Tribune

Read more: http://blog.thenewstribune.com/crime/2010/11/29/traffic-parking-reminders-for-todays-memorial-dedication-in-lakewood/#ixzz16guoCK6T

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

All campuses are closed Tuesday 11/23 - Friday 11/26.

Monday, November 22, 2010

InSPArations Red Carpet Event

On December 1st we are offering a combination Jane Iredale makeup event (the very first one!) AND a late night for services.

All pertinent information is on the attached flyers.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Clover Park Student in Tacoma's Dancing With the Stars

Cynthia Alexander, a student at Clover Park Technical College, appeared on the front page of the most recent Tacoma Weekly newspaper.

She was dancing with a city official at Tacoma's Dancing With the Stars. The event brought out local celebs to help raise funds for Tacoma Musical Playhouse.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sign up now for emergency alerts!

'Tis the season for power outages, rain, sleet and snow. Sign up today to receive alerts regarding College closures, delays, or emergencies. Choose to receive a text, email and/or voice mail message. Be informed, be safe.

12:45 p.m. South Hill Campus Open, Power Back On

12:45 p.m. November 17, 2010

Power has been restored at the South Hill Campus. Evening classes will resume as normal.

South Hill Campus Closed 11-17-2010 Due to Power Outage

11:30 a.m., November 17, 2010

The South Hill Campus has lost power. All classes are cancelled today, including evening classes. The campus will reopen tomorrow and classes will resume at normal time.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

South Hill Campus power fully restored

Classes will resume as normal.

South Hill Campus Power Outage

High Winds last night caused a power outage at the South Hill Campus. All students are encouraged to come to campus at their regularly scheduled meeting time where instructors and staff will explain next steps.

At this time, it is unknown exactly when the power will come come back. We are working with officials at the power company. More information will be provided in person.

Please drive safe.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Fall Operations Update

A number of campus facility improvements are underway that will not only improve the aesthetics and functionality of our buildings, but it will help the College save costs on our utility bills.

Here is a brief rundown of current facility improvements:

Energy Efficiency Overhaul

I am very pleased to share with you that our College has been selected to receive $800,000 in matching state funds to improve the energy efficiency on campus. By leveraging planned capital improvements on campus with these grant funds, we will be making a $2 million dollar energy overhaul that will allow the college to count on guaranteed energy savings for the next 15 years.

Highlights of energy efficiencies include:
* Installing LED lights and motion sensors on all exterior campus lights.

* Replacing outdated lights with energy efficient bulbs and installing classroom/restroom motion sensors inside of Buildings 10, 11, 14, 15, 16, and 19.

* Improving HVAC systems in Buildings 10, 11, and 14.

Dramatic Improvements Ahead

Stay tuned as Building 19 receives a dramatic facelift with the replacement of its aging exterior. The exterior “envelope” of the building is over 30 years old and in need of replacement. With the recommendation of structural engineers, we are proceeding with “overcladding” Building 19 with a new exterior- a process that is the most environmentally sensitive (i.e.; no impact in our local landfill) and the least expensive.

During this construction period we will also replace the second floor HVAC system in Building 19.

Renovation will also begin on the Building 15 general-purpose science laboratory (the former cafeteria kitchen area) which will be completed prior to Spring Quarter 2011.

On both of these projects, we will do our best to minimize the noise impact on college business.

Adding an Artistic Flair to Campus
You may have seen a few new art pieces on campus thanks to the Washington State Arts Commission. Through the Commission’s “resiting “ program we were able to locate six pieces of original art on our campus at no cost to the College.

I have included photos of the art pieces for your information. These pieces are located in Buildings 8, 17, and 23. Thank you to President Walstrum, Dr. Debbie Ranniger, and selected faculty for assisting with the selection of these pieces.

A special thank you to the operations staff who have done an outstanding job maintaining our campuses so that we have safe and inviting places to learn and work.

Amy Goings, MPA
Vice President for Operations and College Relations

"The Rope" by Michael Fajans

"The Rods" by Michael Fajans

"The Propeller" by Michael Fajans

"The Gear" by Michael Fajans

"Salon Des Refuses" by John Rice

"Morning Twilight" by Lorraine Krol

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Basket Raffle to Support Holiday House

Tickets are only 50 cents each. The drawing will be on November 16, 2010.

Tickets available on November 9, 10, 12, 15, and 16:
  • in Building 19, Room 102B, see Amy Timmons

Tickets available on November 10, 15, and 16:
  • in Building 23, Atrium, from 11:30a.m. - 1:00p.m.

Baskets will be on display:
  • in Building 19, Room 104, on November 9, 10, 12, 15, and 16, where raffle tickets can be purchased.
  • at the All Staff Meeting on November 16, 3p.m. You can purchase last-minute raffle tickets, and the winners will be announced.
All proceeds benefit Holiday House.

Veterans Day Ceremony Photos 11-09-2010

Pierce Transit The Way to Go! In the Snow

Pierce Transit Snow Guide – Winter 2010-2011

Snow is unpredictable here in the Northwest. Sometimes on and sometimes off, sometimes several times in a day. That’s why we work to provide you with up-to-date travel information, when your bus must go on detour. And, just as importantly, when it goes OFF detour.

If snow is on the ground, visit piercetransit.org! Maps added to our website show where your bus travels on detour. So whenever snow's falling, or on the ground, check piercetransit.org before you leave to catch your bus. A link on our home page will take you to the very latest detour information. Look for this symbol on your route page to view the detour map. Or get the latest updates sent directly to you through Pierce Transit's Twitter feed. Twiiter.com/Pierce Transit.

OneBusAway.org: Use OneBusAway.org for real-time bus information from any mobile or internet device.

Tips for riding the bus in snow and ice:
  • Wait for the bus at the top or bottom of the hill closest to the stop.
  • Signal the bus so that the operator has plenty of time to stop.
  • Wait until the bus stops and the door opens before approaching the bus.
  • Use handrails when getting on and off the bus.
  • Wear highly visible and warm clothing.
Every attempt will be made to continue wheelchair-accessible service, however, sand and salt can interfere with the lift mechanism. Call 253.581.8000 before heading to your bus stop. Snowy weather may cause delays and temporary detours, but our transit operators and support staff work to give you the best service possible.

For more information and snow routes, check out the Pierce Transit Snow Guide Brochure.

Multicultural Newsletter

The Multicultural Newsletter is here again! There is a really cool contest going on this month as well as the penny drive.

You can view the cover page at:
And the rest of the newsletter at:

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Emergency Unemployment Compensation FAQ

The federal emergency unemployment compensation (EUC) benefits that have been available since July 2008 begin phasing out in late November. As of December, people who file new unemployment-insurance claims will be eligible for up to 46 weeks of benefits, rather than the current 99 weeks.

In addition, most people who are receiving EUC benefits when the phase-out begins at the end of November will not be able to claim the full 99 weeks of benefits. This is because EUC is paid out in four sequential tiers; claimants may finish the tier they’re in as of November 27, but those in tiers 1, 2 and 3 may not advance to the next tier.

Letters are being sent the week of November 8-12 to about 230,000 claimants to make them aware that EUC is nearing its end and that Employment Security will be completing computer programming work that will affect some account balances.

What are the four tiers of EUC?
Tier 1 pays 1-20 weeks, tier 2 pays 1-14 weeks, tier 3 pays 1-13 weeks, and tier 4 pays 1-6 weeks – for a total of up to 53 weeks. Claimants must run out of an existing tier on or before November 27, 2010, to receive the next tier.

What do you mean that EUC is phasing out?
After November 27, 2010, claimants can continue to collect from their current tier until it runs out or until April 30, 2011, whichever comes first. The individual will not be able to advance to the next tier.

How do claimants know which EUC tier they are in?
Employment Security currently is determining which tier of EUC claimants are in and will inform them by mail in early December.

What do you mean by adjusting claim balances?
As part of the process to shut down the EUC program, we must make some final changes to our computer system.
  • The first change will be to separate the EUC tiers so we can tell claimants which tier they are in and how much benefits they have remaining in that tier.
  • The second change applies only to claims that were originally opened before May 2009 and continued after the state added a temporary “stimulus benefit” to weekly claims. For these older claims, we factored in the temporary state stimulus increase at a higher level than we should have, and the U.S. Department of Labor has advised us that we must correct it. This will reduce the total EUC benefit for these claims. We will send notices in early December with information about how much benefits each person has remaining.
When will claimants know how this affects them?
Employment Security will mail specific information in early December 2010.

If it turns out a claimant was overpaid, will he/she have to pay back the benefits?
No. By state law, someone who has run out of benefits is not required to pay back benefits when the error was not his or her fault.

If someone has received more EUC than he or she should have and is still claiming benefits, we will reduce his or her remaining “extended benefits” to make up the difference.

Why did you wait until now to adjust claim balances?
When EUC was created – and then expanded and extended several times – Employment Security chose to do the minimum amount of computer programming necessary in order to pay benefits as quickly as possible. Due to the age and inflexibility of the existing computer system, entering all of the program requirements up front would have delayed the EUC benefit payments for months. Now that EUC is ending, we are moving ahead to add the last of the computer programming.

What happens if Congress extends EUC again?
Employment Security does not know if Congress will extend benefits or who would get them. If Congress does take action that offers a claimant more benefits, we will automatically notify potentially eligible individuals by mail. Updated information will be posted on Employment Security’s website (www.esd.wa.gov) as it becomes available.

Where can claimants learn more about their specific situation?
Claimants with questions about their EUC or extended benefits claims should call Employment Security’s EUC/EB unit at 877-558-8509. Questions also can be e-mailed to agents by visiting www.esd.wa.gov and clicking on “Ask questions about your claim.”

Questions about your EUC or extended-benefits claim? Call 877-558-8509

Monday, November 8, 2010

Pierce County Construction Career Day

More than 1,000 high school students were exposed to the construction industry during the annual Pierce County Construction Career Day event last month.

Below, Dan Smith, Sustainable Building Science Instructor at Clover Park Technical College, speaks with a group of students.

Important Information for Students

Winter Quarter Registration Dates to Remember:

November 15 - November 19, 2010 Web Registration for All Fall Students Continuing Into Winter
November 22 - November 23, 2010 Registration for All New Admitted and Re-entering Students with a Winter Target Start Date
November 29, 2010 Open Registration
December 2, 2010 Winter Fees are Due

All students with unpaid charges will be dropped and open registration will continue with fees due at the time of registration.

Remember...you must register and pay your fees by the due dates in order to attend winter quarter. Please see your Instructor for registration materials.

Students Are Encouraged to Use Automated Waiting Lists

If you find your class or program of choice is full during registration, you are encouraged to add your name to our automated waiting lists when prompted. Students on the automated waiting lists will be registered for any new openings as they occur (including after the drop for non-payment process). You can monitor your wait list position on the College web site by using your student ID and PIN at www.cptc.edu/waitlist.

You may register on-line at www.cptc.edu/register from 6:30 AM to 11:00 PM, Monday through Friday, and 24 hours each day on Saturday and Sunday. Running Start, Elective High School, Adult High School and International students must meet with their advisors prior to registering online.

Winter 2011 Fees Are Due December 2, 2010

Winter fees are due no later than Thursday, December 2, 2010. Students with unpaid balances will be dropped for non-payment and re-registration will be on a space available basis.

Payment may be made using a credit card on-line at www.cptc.edu/pay or using cash, check, money-order or credit card at the Cashier in Building 17 from 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday through Thursday, and 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM, Friday. South Hill Campus students may pay their fees in the SHC Administration Office.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Project Homeless Connect Recap

On October 14, about a hundred volunteers from CPTC participated in the fourth annual Project Homeless Connect at the Tacoma Dome. This annual event, made possible by the volunteerism of many, has served thousands of homeless individuals in the Tacoma area.

Our Clover Park student volunteers are from three programs, which include: Barbering, represented by Debra McGlauthlin; Dental, represented by Debra Lewandowski; and Human Services, represented by Kathy Hathaway and Duke White.

Our student volunteers provided over 400 haircuts and over 200 dental screenings, along with helping and directing the more than 2,000 homeless that came to the event to receive various services, such as medical care, vision, food, clothing, and shelter.

Project Homeless Connect is one partnership within the community that enables CPTC students to apply their technical skills to serve underprivileged individuals and others in need within the community. Volunteering for community service is a civic responsibility that builds relationships with our college for the students, faculty, and staff and helps strengthen our community as a whole.

In these hard economic times, community service is something everyone can embrace by participating like the volunteers who went to the Tacoma Dome. Students said it not only enriched their learning experience but gave them a positive feeling to be able to give back to the community they live in.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “Everybody can be great because everybody can serve.” Our students here at CPTC are the greatest, and I can’t thank them enough for serving underprivileged individuals and others in need within the community. Way to go, Clover Park!!

John D. Ruiz
Service Learning Specialist

Remember to change your clocks this weekend!

Just a friendly reminder that standard time begins this Sunday (November 7) at 2 am.

Remember to set your clocks back one hour!

For an interesting read of the history of standard time, click on this link:

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