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Friday, October 1, 2010

Employment Security and Work Source's New Partnership with Microsoft

CPTC is a WorkSource Affiliate site and we were just notified of an exciting opportunity that is being offered by Employment Security and WorkSource in collaboration with Microsoft. This opportunity will allow WorkSource customers to access over 1,000 free online courses that will help increase their computer skills. The launch date is tomorrow, 1 October, 2010.

To access these offerings, a customer must visit the Go2WorkSource.com website and click on the icon "WOW Free Microsoft e-Learning". Once they have registered, they will receive notification from WorkSource for their next steps.

One thing that I hear often from potential students, students and staff and faculty that there are a large number of people that are struggling with basic computer skills while in their programs because they are not computer literate. This program has multiple components but one component that jumped out for me is the learning plan that focus on Digital Literacy for computer beginners. Faculty, this may be an option for you to get your students technologically savvy. And did I mention that it is FREE. With 1,000 online courses available for usage, this is also a wonderful opportunity for staff to receive some training.

Because this has been advertised in the media and because of this initial role out, you may encounter individuals on campus or on the phone that is looking for WorkSource to receive this training. We are a WorkSource Affiliate but customers need to follow the above process of going to the website to sign up. If customers have additional questions they can call the Affiliate Center at 253.583.8765.

How this will help local job seekers

One of the biggest advantages of e-Learning is that it is a flexible and convenient way for people to upgrade their skills. People can choose to learn new skills or supplement classroom courses they are already taking.

After successfully completing the coursework, job seekers have the option to earn certifications that will demonstrate to employers that they have achieved a high proficiency in the specified program and that they are ready to apply those new skills.

How it will help businesses

Increased availability of skill development opportunities will also benefit businesses in Washington State. As more WorkSource customers successfully complete courses and earn certifications, employers can be confident that the workers they recruit through WorkSource have the skills to meet their business needs.

Businesses may also look to WorkSource to help them upgrade the skills of their current workforce, allowing them to maintain valued workers while ensuring they have skills to meet evolving business needs.

What it means for local workforce partners

If you have customers who would benefit from higher level computer skills and are well suited for e-learning, encourage them to log onto Go2WorkSource.com to register.

Your staff can also sign up to increase their skills.

More information

This brochure includes more information about this exciting new opportunity.
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