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Thursday, June 24, 2010

New Student Advising Workshop - Summer Quarter

NOTE NEW TIME: New Student Advising Workshops will now be at 2:00 on Wednesdays.

Workshops held in Building 17, Room 230

July & August Dates
September Dates

July & August 2010

Date Day Time

July 7th Wednesday 2:00pm

July 14th Wednesday 2:00pm*

July 21st Wednesday 2:00pm

July 22nd Thursday 10:00am Morning

July 28th Wednesday 2:00pm*

August 4th Wednesday 2:00pm

August 11th Wednesday 2:00pm*

August 18th Wednesday 2:00pm

August 19th Thursday 10:00am Morning

August 25th Wednesday 2:00pm*

*Followed by Individual Program Information Sessions at 3:00

Instructors Please Note: We want to thank you all for supporting this workshop and directing students to attend after the Program Information Sessions, but In response to feedback from students we have changed the time for our workshops on Wednesdays to be before the Program Information Session instead of after.

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