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Monday, November 23, 2009

Fantasy Lights Preview Walk 2009

Fantasy Lights celebrates 15 years running in 2009. In an recent interview with Scott Hall, Superintendent of the Recreation Division of Pierce County Parks and Recreation, said area schools are the key components.

"We have many sponsors but each one plays a vital role for reaching the community in different ways. This is a project that all employees are able to work together on for the community, "Hall said.

Hall continued, "Fifteen years ago we opened our first year with 38 designs most of which were rented. Now we have four schools participating and we have the ability to make changes to the displays each year to give the park a fresh, new look every year. We want Fantasy Lights to be an inexpensive event to bring joy to the hearts of many families during these tough economic times."

"We will start the planing process for next year at the end of January," said Hall.

The element to a successful program is what the students receive personally from working on a display to be viewed by thousands of people annually for years to come.

Attendance tips the scales at 20,000-25,000 vehicles each year on average.

Happy Holidays!
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